My Friend Has Tried

When he first met my wife he wanted her and on that first meeting she told me that he kept feeling her leg I told her not to worry cause he was like that but each time he came round he liked to spend time alone with her and on one occasion at a BBQ I was watching them both from inside as they sat really close on the garden furniture outside it was dark but I could see her arm outstretched on the table and watched him gently slide his fingers up and down the inside of her forearm getting closer and closer and closer to her amazing chest I willed him to grope her that night as I watched but he didnt although she did tell me of a time when he slid his hand up her skirt whilst she was stood talking to his wife but it was one night when I was asleep downstairs that he crept into our bedroom and tried to wake her that I hoped would be his night but sadly his wife caught him and we are no longer friends it is a shame because I would have loved for him to have more fun with my wife
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My best friend do tha sam and i think my wife want him very mutsh