Wanting My Wife To Have Sex With Others With My Knowledge

My wife is free to have sex with anyone she wants, whether I am present or not. I just want her to give me all the details afterward. I think this is really sexy. The only thing better is if she will leave me watch her or allow me to join her boyfriend in a 3 sum. This is very erotic and sexy to me, knowing another is enjoying her body but she is coming back to me.
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I'd love to switch positions with you so I could watch and ********** while you **** your wife. I think it would be hot for you to watch me *** on your wife.

Love silky smooth seconds too - have had that situation several times. And now if I can get her into her fantasy of a MFM...that, would be ideal!

If the rules are to your both liking then that is all that is needed!

No, I could never be jealous and let her have a lover or lovers when she wanted other wise I wouldn't let her have lovers! For an example, we were supose to go to a family outing one evening but she was at a motel with a lover and didn't come home until it was to late, real late! I was upset but not mad. We have learned to give and take through the years! I did the same thing similar to it when I met an old girlfreind spent some hours with at her home and didn't bother to tell my wife where I was! My wife was mad and I didn't blame her but she forgave me.........give and take but not too much!.......................lol

I understand the ups. But what could be the downs? Sounds like a perfect arrangement for both of you, unless you get jealous. I've never gotten jealous when someone ****** my wife. Look forward to it and encourage her to do much more.

My wife and I used to have what we called the golden rule and that was if she wants to have sex with a guy she must tell me first! That rule has been changed some time ago. After some discussions we changed that rule that if she can't get a hold of me she can satisfy her desire and tell me as soon as as she can but not a all nighter! Communication is a must in our lifestyle in order for it to last, in our case it has lasted 7 years but with with some up and downs!.................

Follow your desires is what I say!.......good luck!

I'm straight and don't suck **** or eat creampies. Just like to **** sloppy seconds and watch her **** and suck others.

********** can lead to tasting both worlds, have you thought of that!