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For the 13 years I have known my wife, and the 8 years with a previous long term girlfriend I have always wanted to see them have sex with another guy.

I would be happy to watch but would prefer a ********* with me involved.

A 'wife swap' never appealed that much even though I had been the second guy of a ********* with two married couples when I was single.
My interest was not to **** some other woman but to have my wife pleasured by two or more men.

What turned me on was seeing my partner with another man, whether it was just flirting on a dancefloor, or in a bar (that's as good as it got) or my fantasy, which was anything from a blow job to a full on gang bang.

I asked both my ex-gf and my wife about a ********* and whereas they both rejected it with the usual "But it's you I love...etc" my wife recently suggested, when we were playing a scruples type game, that she may have a ********* when she got older (we are mid-40's now!!). She even said she didn't want to see me **** another woman, which was fine by was the thought of seeing her ****** that almost made me *** in my trousers there and then.

We have since chatted to guys on adult chat rooms (without success as they all seemed way too inhibited) but I need to step it up a bit, albeit slowly as it has taken over 10 years to get it this far!

I had always assumed it would never happen and to aid my fantasy I photoshopped her face onto many sex pictures to it looked like she was the **** wife that I wanted her to be. Over the last 7 years I have made over 1,000 of these pics of her (yes I do requests!).

When I fantasize about the scenarios (which I do every day, and I mean 'every' day) she is also always wearing her engagement and wedding rings. Where the photoshopped pic doesn't have the woman wearing one I fake the rings in - for some reason having her hand wrapped around a big black **** whilst she is still wearing her wedding rings is a huge turn on..unsure why, but it is.

These feelings are strong, and daily, or to be honest, several times an hour! She knows what I want but has no idea of the strenght of my feelings...not sure I should come right out and tell her as it may scare her off.

There are also two things she does not know about me -
1) About my ********** beforehand.....
2) I have watched a video of her ******* her ex-bf when I stayed at her flat when we were just starting to go out with each other (about 3 months into the relationship). I found the video when looking through her knicker drawer. When I watched it I came within seconds - I was not angry or jealous but so turned on I came about four times in an hour and still ****** her when she got home later that day. (Unfortunately she destroyed the tape about an hour after I suggested we make a film of ourselves).

The thing is - do I tell her about any of these 2 things she does not know about me - they are both things that happened over 12 years ago so it may look like I was not entirely up front with her, but then again, you don't normally come out with these things in a developing relationship.

I need help here onto how to move our ********* closer to happening yet without losing any trust....

Any help considered..

markwendy markwendy
1 Response Jul 21, 2010

My wife and I enjoyed ocassional mfm ********** over a long period of time and loved them. They had nothing whatsoever to do with our love for each other. The ********** were for just sheer physical pleasure. You said that you wanted to see your wife ****** by 2 other men while you watched. What better way to see another man's **** going in and out of her than to be lying right beside her in bed. For me, I could never have accepted 2 others with my wife while I watched from across the room. I wanted to be in on the action. My wife didn't want a ********* with another female. We had one that I initiated and it was bad neww. I enjoyed seeing my wife ****** too much to insist on another fmf and cause problems. I still got ***** anyway. Good sloppy seconds.