I Want Her To Humiliate Me..

I want to watch my wife suck off another man - watch him **** my wife's face until he fills it with his thick white ***. Then I want the humiliation of my wife beckoning me over and giving me a long, deep kiss, pushing her ***-covered tongue deep into my mouth and transferring all that seed into me. Then she will make me lick around her lips and make sure I haven't missed any that may have been deposited on her face.

Very humiliating - yuuummm!!!
jessicasissymaid jessicasissymaid
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7 Responses Aug 13, 2010

yes, it's very exciting!!! what could possibly be better than that?

i agree with amyjack its great !

I agree with welv2hvefn. No way she could humiliate me doing that. The only reason I haven't sucked another guy's *** from her mouth is she's always been far more interested in taking that *** in her *****. Frankly, I like eating it from there just as well but, then again, she has no problem with me sucking **** dry so long as she's present.<br />
<br />
I do love tasting my own musk in her mouth after she's gone down on me and she also loves tasting her own juices on my mouth after I've done her.

Yes, I would like to do that too!

i think you should also get to lick his **** clean...

and also rim his *** alittle...

I think its one of the closes things a couple can do is share another mans seed that one's wife has sucked out of his balls. Wanting to feed it to you share his load

What's humilitating about that? I mean, if you want to and you enjoy it its not humiliating is it?