My Wife First ******* With Another Man

I have always wanted my wife to **** another man in front of me, but to this day she has'nt (yet). She has however given a BJ to a man in front of me!!

Heres the true story
We were on vacation in the carribean, on a white sandy nude beach and notice a small group of people who had rented a cabana just above us on the beach.. They noticed us on the beach and invited us to their little party. The open air cabana (it was basically private) had a small hot tub and picnic table and we could order food from the local bar. As we got to know these people, we found that they were swingers and pretty wild.. To make a long story short, we got somewhat drunk, and after eating dinner, ordered desert (creme bulee). Well the next was the swinging wives stating putting the desert on the mens ***** and daring others to lick it off. I dared my wife, and for the first time watched her suck another mans **** (he was much bigger than me!)... what I did'nt expect was that he would *** in her mouth and she came right over to me and gave me a big deep kiss with *** in her mouth... true story..
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That is so hot. Was this a one off or has it led to more fun?

Did you like the taste of his ***** in your wifes mouth ? And has she ****** another man in front of you yet ?

it's very horny!!

Loved your story. Thanks
My wife is not into ********; she's only had me in her mouth a couple times in 10 years. So when she eventually cuckolds me (we're working on it) I will be the only one sucking bigger ****. As the cuckold, I suppose I will have to fluff my wife's lover(s) to make them hard and ready to **** her. No, I'm not bi, but I am submissive so I'll anything to enhance my wife's pleasure and like it. Maybe they will send me to ******* classes.

Super hot!

I fantasize about that too. Sometimes I ask my wife to save my *** in her mouth after she blows me and we share it in a deep kiss.

wonderful story !

nice I have seen mine get ****** but it is so much hotter when I get to watch her suck **** it makes her so much more servant I guess

Thanks for your story. It made me very hot and reminded me of some "good old days." My girlfriend and I have been together for almost 10 years. We're both married. We used to live closer together so this was possible. Her routine with her husband was for morning sex on weekends. Most often their sex was oral. He'd come in her mouth, and a few minutes later, she'd tell him that she had grocery shopping to do and she'd meet me for lots of kisses in a local park that was most often deserted. Those were very, very hot, sexy mornings, just knowing that she had had his **** in her mouth and was coming to share his come with me. One morning after our first big kiss, I told her that I didn't taste anything. She said, yeah, "he ****** me this morning. His come is in my ****." <br />
<br />
I had to have it. I got my fingers in her **** and moved inside her until she came. I reached up as far as I could, got my fingers as gooey as I could and pulled out and licked them clean and we kissed for a few minutes. She got so hot that she pulled my **** out and blew me right there. <br />
And, we kissed again and again and again. <br />
<br />
I think about that one particular day a lot. I sure wish we could do that again. As I wrote, we live farther apart now so we can't really get there. We meet about once a week at a motel about an hour from each of our homes. Often when I'm kissing her or eating her, I'm hoping that he's been in there recently.

I would love to watch my wife suck another guys big thick **** then kiss me, which I have told her, but so far she won't try.

One of my fantasies but can,t get wife to try to be friends with you. :)

I love when my wife sucks other men. Once she sucked a friend of hers off in the livingroom and I was sitting just beside her, me she never swallows, I can't even *** in her mouth but she got so turned on by sucking her friend that she took it all in the mouth and swallowed it. Then she turned around to me and kissed me intensely. She had already swallowed but I could feel the taste of *** and his **** in my wifes mouth. It was very exciting :-)

excellent, it;s real hot to taste the other guys ***
fyi I added you as a friend

that is an awesome story, I would love to experience that with my wife, would like to kiss her with *** in her mouth, or lick *** out of her *****. I would love to see your pics

Watching your wife suck another man's **** is very hot, especially if he **** in her mouth, double especially if she kisses you after.

very hot :-) I remember once when whe had a *********, but it ended up with them only having sex and me watching. First my wife was giving a guy a BJ, she stopped for a while and deep kissed me. Then she continued to suck him, then she switched and kissed me. It went on for a few minutes until he wanted her for himself, and who am I to deny him?
But the taste of his **** in my wifes mouth, it was both a little humiliating, but also very turning on.

Awesome. Snowballs from your wife can be amazing!