I want my wife to lock me in chastity and take another lover. When she makes love to me I would eat her then **** her with a strap-on while still locked in chastity while she teases me how good it feels and how good her lover is and how much bigger he is. She would make me do all the housework, prepare her for her lovers and lick her clean after. She would put the sharp points in my chastity device while she made me watch. While she does him she would tie me up and make me walk on a treadmill with 4 inch stilettos and a hobble skirt. She would stare right into my eyes and pull off my nipple clamps while her eyes rolled back in her head when she gets carried away in a wave of incredible ****** while grinding on his huge ****!!
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well i love to cuck husbands and make them watch as i breed their wives (or something more taboo but you have to message me to know) I love to show husbands that are not worthy to **** their wives and my seed will grow inside her as a permanent reminder of their place.

I assume you haven't been there. While its a trip it's different trip then perhaps you imagine. As I write this now I am locked in device by Ms Lori and awaiting my wife's return from her lover.

No I have not been there, but the fantasy is really hot to me! I would love to try!

that is so nice only one can wish for things like that

Whoa boy, Easy now.

I would like to to have you & your wife as my slave to serve me

I like this idea. Since the females sexual satisfaction is top priority anyway, this would be a good way to show her your complete loyalty to her and her sexual satisfaction. She gets to receive the feelings of total pleasure while you are receiving pain. <br />
<br />
She is building her ego and self confidence during this pleasurefest while at the same time she is breaking you and your ego down. She can enjoy the fact that she can have sex whenever she wants while not allowing you to have sex. She controls her own actions plus yours while you control nothing.

yes that is so very true said it very nice

Yes, the points would add such excitement and humiliation. You wife would know that her actions are hurting you. They are sometimes called "points of intrigue" for a reason. I have never tried them, but just thinking about them gets me up in salute in my jeans. It's a part of the punishment that a wife could really get into. The more she arouses you, the more you can feel it.

Just stare into his eyes as you ride your lover knowing those points are digging into him, punishing him for getting you involved in this lifestyle and punishing him just for the simple fact that he is a man. Women have more power than they realize.

A chastity belt with spikes MMHH, I'll think about it for my husband. He carries it 24 / 7.