My Wife ***** Me So Well, I Often *** Twice Or More Before Eventually Pulling Out And I Never Get A Medal For It!

Until I reached my current age, I never could do it. But ever since my wife got hooked on my idea of sharing her, I started to *** in her more than once in quick succession before pulling out. I know it has a lot to do with her ******* me better than ever with more skill than before. Oh, and her sucking really became out of this world. And it also happens because I have had to crank up a few notches my ******* her so she might consider me even half as good as her lover.

I *** SO strong in her, bang her SO hard (I mean super hard as she wants it), *** up to 3 times REALLY SLAMMING HER HARD for a good 3 minutes while I shoot into her. Despite what I think ARE special performances like that on my part, she never says anything about it even though it's unmistakably obvious when it happens. When we finish, if I mention that I just came in her multiple times, she barely acknowledges it. I perform like that often and I think it's something for us both to be proud of yet she has never been impressed by it. (Even check out my real story of how she once blew me so well that I came over 20 times over about 5 minutes I think.)

It's unbelievably maddening for me but even worse is that she won't ****** with me and she let it slip that she always orgasmed with her lover time after time without failing even once in over 50 ********. While she was still doing him, she shared all the details I so anxiously asked about. Everything about him painted me so inferior. But at least as consolation, I want her to ****** with me on some kind of level. Come on woman. Maybe throw me a little bone even if it's a lie. How can remembering his vast superiority not effect me??!! It does and how.

Obviously, he is so far better than me and always 4 times everytime they met for just 2 hours. I know that's so impossible for me to compete with. Not even when I was a teenager or in my mid 30's like him. but still?? Throw me a little bone woman! Why do women have to humiliate their men in insensitive ways? Over and over again. Especially when we make them our sex idols and we on the other hand, lavish our genuine complements on them and would never think of slighting them in the least way. Glorify me somehow. You glorified him so effortlessly. Self-pity is a tough thing to get out of when the wife only reinforces it by never getting enthused. Is this all my fault or what?

She sure thinks so since she warned me before accepting the idea that I could get very jealous and then shove it in her face. Well she was right and I was so stupid thinking that my sex would hold up compared to that from any another man. When was I born and on what planet? It was always a huge turn-on while I encouraged her with this guy even while it was simultaneously destroying my self-esteem further and further. That is so weird to be pulled both ways so strongly. Feeling pathetic the way I do now is not a good thing. Man is she a good **** and boy did they both confirm how great they both are. I've been delegated to a very low stature and I can't believe I want to share her again. I miss the turn-on. I wish though that it would work more in my favor the next time. She says there will never be a next time because of how badly it's effected me. She was loving it. So much so that she had no desire to stop until she saw how it was hurting me too much. Love won over her but surely I'm just a pity **** for her.
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Though what you describe is a risk when you enter the lifestyle, if your love had been truly strong and you both went into it with full approval and awareness, I don't think this should have happened. With a couple truly in love, even when they are taking other lovers, the love should overcome all else. I've known MANY couples who would share everything about their various lovers, and still they made each other feel loved, valued, important! Perhaps you just need to let your wife know how much you still lover her. Hopefully it's not too late! Best of luck...

She may enjoy her new lovers, but most women don't enjoy the fact that they have lost that special feeling they felt they had with their husband before he started sharing her. Sure, some women love cuckolding their husband and humiliating him and making him feel inferior, but others really wish they could turn back the hands of time, and not go in the direction that they went in that took something from the sexual relationship they have with the man they truly love, and want to spend the rest of their life with.

@ladyblue848-we didnt have to look far to confirm what I commented on in your story, I feel most women sooner or later are honest and tell how wonderfull their other lovers are. I think this guy will come around to enjoying how much more his wife loves her other "*****" than he. especially a guy that may be more endowed and takes charge of her. He really should follow the progression. His wife did as he wished. now it's his turn to do the same for her. I think if doesnt resist, he could have an enjoyable cuckold situation here, where she provides the right amount of humiliation. Let's agree on one thing; these type of "alternative lifestyles" require very mentally stable and mature adults. There are a lot of emotions that get stirred, and they can be enjoyed, just go for the ride.

@splitlits-you are right at the point of having many more adventures, some you may not relish at this time, but you know all that new c-ck out there is going to please her more than you. so no bone for you. Be lucky you can still f-ck her and squirt your juices inside her. Becasue that luxery may become less and less. You know some of the possible things to come, you just havent admitted to liking it yet. Get her going again and tell her you want her to enjoy her lovers sex organs more than you, and you will never be allowed to make her c-m again. She will enjoy that!!


Thanks for your thoughts and empathy. You're too kind to write as much as you did. I still am wondering why I can't add you to my circle. I did read enough from you already to know not to be surprised by your opinions. I would hope you might know how to add me as a friend.

Friends who speak the truth no matter the hurt are always hard to keep but since we have a distance between us, perhaps you'd be kind enough to allow me the privelege. Your opinions happen to be valid though and they hurt. I already know. I devote so much time and feeling around all of this. All of the consequences of my urging her on came back to hurt me as you know. The truth is so hard to take and I am struggling to find a way to "package it up" somehow in the hope we can rehabilitate.

Thanks for your comments!

Sad, but true, and I am sorry things turned out this way for you. I wish that more guys would recognize that this is often one of the consequences of wife sharing. I think some of them just don't care as long as he still has hot sex and **** hard. I think many could care less if their wife never enjoys sex with them again or has great ******* with them again. It seems like all some of them care about is what it will do for them in terms of their own sexual gratification, with little concern about how their ego may end up damaged because their wife respects them less and doesn't enjoy sex with them as much anymore.

I lost respect for my husband when he wanted to share me and I began to doubt his love for me. He seemed like less of a man to me afterwards and sex was not as enjoyable with him as it had been before sharing. I think I shut down on him. The only time it was hot was when I was thinking of someone else while I was with him.

I knew quite a few women who actually almost completely stopped wanting to have sex with their husbands after they were shared. They said that once their husbands talked them into sharing and they no longer related sex to love, and they started having sex with new guys, they lost all desire to have sex with their husbands because it just wasn't that great for them anymore. They said they would still do it to please their husbands, but that was really the only reason they did it (pity **** as you call it). I was kind of like that too.

One woman is a very good friend of mine. She told me that the thrill of the hunt and seduction of a new man, combined with the new guy's excitement for her, and then having sex with someone new and different, just made sex with her husband afterwards seem boring and ordinary by comparison, even though sometimes her husband's sexual ability was actually better than the new guy she was doing it with. She said it became more about the excitement of the experience with the new guy, and obviously she could not get that same excitement with the man she had been married to, and had been having sex with, for over 15 years. She said she loved him very much and would always want to be married to him but the sex just wasn't as good anymore.

She said that she believed that part of what had made the sex with her husband for all those years continue to be exciting for her was the love, connection, and bonding she felt with him when they would have sex, combined with his sexual ability. So even though his sexual ability was still good after the sharing started, a big part of the turn on for her before sharing was the strong feelings of love and connection she felt with him when they had sex. She said once he convinced her to be shared she had let go of the connection between love and sex because she felt that was the only way she could have sex with other men and not risk falling in love with them. As a result, she no longer felt that connection during sex with her husband anymore either, and because of that she just didn't feel as turned on or satisfied sexually with him anymore. She said that she actually liked just cuddling with him and watching TV together, or cooking together, or other things that she still continued to connect with love and their bond that she didn't do with other men she didn't love.

You often hear that men are the ones who want to go into "the lifestyle", but when their wives eventually agree, they are the ones who want to stay. I often wonder if this is because they realize something has been lost from their sexual relationship with their husband, once they have convinced themselves they can sleep with other men without having it impact their marriage, so why give up what caused that to happen. I wonder how many fake hot sex with their husband, after having truly hot sex with other men, because they know that is what their husband wants and it is what will cause him to allow them to continue to be able to have sex with other men because he just ain't doin it for her anymore.

"Throw me a little bone woman! Why do women have to humiliate their men in insensitive ways? Over and over again. Especially when we make them our sex idols and we on the other hand, lavish our genuine complements on them and would never think of slighting them in the least way. Glorify me somehow."

I don't think she is humiliating you in insensitive ways. I think she is just being honest with you like you asked her to be, and I think that is the case with most women in this situation. You beg to hear all the gory details, so she gives them to you. If the honest details make you feel inferior, that isn't the woman's fault. That is just the way it went and is one of the consequences of sharing.

"I want her to ****** with me on some kind of level. Come on woman. Maybe throw me a little bone even if it's a lie."

Maybe she feels like she has thrown you a bone by still having sex with you and giving up the guy she had much better sex with, for your sake. So are you saying you want her to fake it just to make you feel better? We can't control what causes us to ****** and when (well, some of us can hold it back, but we can't make it happen if it isn't), so if she always came with her lover at the same time that is just the way things worked out. She can't now force that to happen with you if she isn't feeling it. Sure she can fake it, but you will probably be able to tell the difference and will still feel inferior knowing she is faking it with you.

When my ex husband used to share me I learned how to fake it. The new guys didn't know the difference because they had never been with me when I had had a real ******. Sometimes I realized they wouldn't *** unless they knew they were satisfying me and making me ***, and if they didn't see me ****** they would just keep pumping away at me forever. So eventually I learned how to dramatically fake it to get things over with so I wouldn't continue to get pounded endlessly when I wasn't enjoying it. I knew other women who reacted the same way. It was sad for me because becoming a faker made me feel like a liar, and I hate to lie.

You said that you feel that you should get some recognition or a medal for cuming more than once before eventually pulling out. Why do you think that should get you a medal? For some women a guy cuming does nothing for them sexually (maybe a little ego boost). Sometimes they can't even feel it happening. You are the one who is enjoying sex so much that you are cuming multiple times, not her, and you said it is because she ***** you so well. If that is the case it sounds like she is the one who should get the medal for ******* you so well that you *** more than once.

You should also realize that even though she hasn't told you this, she may be feeling kind of pathetic and inferior herself because you didn't start getting so aroused and ******* multiple times with her until you had shared her. Women often analyze things like this to try to figure them out. She may have come to the realization that sharing her is what turns you on so much that you *** multiple times, and not her, since that wasn't the case before you started sharing her. That realization may be making her feel inferior as well. That is what happened to me. The fact that my husband only got extremely aroused when he was sharing me, or immediately after, really took a toll on my self-confidence. It was further confirmed when we would sometimes go for a longer period without any sharing happening and he would seem to lose interest in sex with just me, and wouldn't get nearly as turned on or *** as hard as he did when the sharing was happening. Now I realize that part of it was the fact that he was bisexual, but wouldn't admit it. I think a large part of the turn on for him was being that close to another naked guy who was extremely aroused and who was having sex with me right in front of him. I think at times he was ******* the guy vicariously through me, but he wouldn't admit to that.

Even though I separated sex from love with my ex when the sharing started, I have combined sex with love once again with my current husband so it is possible. Maybe you should try romancing your wife more. Show your love for her in ways besides sex. Try to reignite the love and reconnect it to sex and see if that makes a difference. Make your sexual encounters very loving and sensual, instead of just sexual. You might be able to get back what it sounds like sharing caused you to lose.