Help Me Get Her There

My wife is rather conservitive when it comes to sex, although she is opening up somewhat.  She's 29 year old blonde hottie yoga instructor.  When we were dating in college i once got her to give me a bj in a museum and used to get road head occasionally, even tried anal once.  But that's about it sexually. She was a virgin when we met and only had a few sexual experiences (bj, figering, etc.)  

I'd love for her to be more open and animalistic as I am but there are some things I guess she won't open up to.  I wish she were a little *** **** like some girls i've dated back in college but she won't even let me *** in her mouth and we're married.  Hell, she only lets me *** in her ***** occasionally as she's afraid of getting pregnant before we're ready.  But it's not just that.  I get it - if she doesn't want to do it, i can't make her.  But it just seems like I'm always the one initiating the sex.  Or even if she intiates it, it seems like i'm doing all the work.  And even when she does take a more active role it seems like she's doing it to please me.  I'd really like her to be at a place where she craves the **** and it shows in her actions, words, etc. 

I do take time to turn her on and engage her emotionally and sensually and buy her flowers, give her long massages, and am very generous with oral pleasure.  I know the key here is communication but we've had conversations in teh past about sex and what i'd like her to do and feel, but it doesn't seem to go the way i intended.  I guess i'm looking for advice from those are with similar women that are rather reserved sexually about how you got your wife/gf to open up to new experiences.

jayhowar jayhowar
31-35, M
Feb 24, 2010