The Truth Comes Out....

Well guys most in my circle know what has transpired between my wife and I..Well I have started to go with the flow and enjoy the moments myself.


So I thought I will give her a chance to open up and be more transparent in all what we do.. So we decided to make a fresh start telling each other all what we wanted to, like our past secrets etc.  Well she did not have many to mention except for a kiss or two with past boyfriends before we were married.

When we married she was a "normal" day to day wife who loved her job, friends, long walks, the beach etc..friends told us we were very much in love by what they saw and envied us  Not knowing much of her past and background since we met at a wedding.  So as time past, we grew founder of each other and taking one relationship one step at a time.  We were from different parts of town, so it was interesting to learn about each other and also fun to learn about different backgrounds and growing up stories.


Well you usually believe what you are told, and when you fall in love with someone, what they say becomes the truth.  Well until recently I have seen how sexually driven my wife, Candice is, by loving to tease, flirt with guys, and going to the extend to get fingered a few times.  So that's why it was a little bit, too much for me to consume all at once.  However after we chatted I decided to explore her "new" adventures with her, and people from EP advised I should also go along..Well i can not deny I did not get a thrill of it, when she became open with others.

So just 3days ago, we bumped into some old college friends of her,s,  who I met for the first time.  It was exciting for her and them alike, to meet after a long time.We bumped into them at the local bar, as they were in town to visit some relatives.  As time passed they spoke about the past and had good laughs about  old college days.


The one guy friend of hers, and I got more acquainted while the two ladies had their girl talk. I was amazed to learn so much about Candice as he knew her very well. Well I learned that Candice was not the quite, the homely girl she portrayed herself to be when we met.  This guy spoke of Candice all good and "bad".


For starters she was excellent at studies but rarely went to class and ditched classes almost everyday.  She was talk of the college most times having changed boyfriends all the time.  This guy Steve, gave full details as he thought it was just old stories that did not have any value now.  I guess it does in a way as you get to know the devil that hides int he closet.

She should spend all her times around guys going for drinks, clubs, bars etc...So it is not a new thing the way she dresses as she always wore the shortest skirt amongst girls and left nothing to the imagination.  She openly displayed her breasts and loved to give a glimpse of underneath her skirt to  the guys.  She openly kissed with guys in front of anyone and usually different guys all the time.  She basically had almost no girlfriends. She used to let guys touch her up her tiny skirts, breasts legs etc and did not bother who watched and even get fingers shoved up her c*** while standing at a bar.  She apparently was so excited by getting fingered or f*****, she would tell Steve details of what happened and enjoyed doing it in public places.

She had new boyfriends mainly because she got caught cheating on the previous ones.  Steve says no one really knew how many guys she had but said it could be like over a dozen in a year.  Steve could not be envious or anything, as from a long time he was gay and was one of Candice's long time friends, which she really listened to.

She should always speak to him about the sex she and a guy had, sometimes with guys she met only for a few hours and at times been with more than one guy at a club or party.  She used live in the dorm and guys will go in and out at odd hour of the night and early morning and three times fell pregnant with different guys but aborted it. 

Steve told me she was so gorgeous that she could have had steady relationships but she was not happy with one guy for a long time.  Her parents eventually had to get her transferred because they came to know how lose Candice was and was getting out of hand, with booze, smoking, dressing as a ***** and sex.  They were embarrassed and got her out.  She went to another college which she dropped of and went to work for a company doing outdoor promotions at clubs and bars while living with her cousins.Apparently she got more out of hand but loved her job because she met new people all the time, and the girls doing promotions had little but  a piece of material on, displaying everything to everyone. Candice loved showing everything, that you only show to your b/f or husband.

Steve said she was a ****, but the difference was she did not do it for money but just to fulfill her desires.   Guys and girls spoke about her being so slutty and easy.  So guess soon after that almost a year after she quit her job, because of making out at a club and getting caught by her manager, we met at the wedding and so our story began.............................................

So remember no matter how old or young you are, you are constantly learning new things everyday.  He gave me some phone numbers of her ex's that he had, and I did call and some swore me, saying what a tramp she is and some sympathized with me.


guess the devil now comes out to play.

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love her for who she is and don't try to change her, encourage her even and you will be rewarded in ways you cannot imagine

I think you need to get involved with her and the other men she wants. Might as well, cause sooner or later she is going to do it anyway. You said in one of your stories that it turned you on to watch her messing around with one of the guys u met, let her know that it turns you on to watch and you think it is Ok to **** another man as long as you get to watch. I watch my wife sometimes ******* other men and it is so intense for me. she says that it even turns her on more knowing that I am watching.

D-man.. buckle up and hang on for one wild *** ride and enjoy! Ya lucky sob! Bill in Va.