A Long And Windy Path, But Fun To Travel Together

I let my wife know I wanted her to pee on me a few years ago. This wasn't a surprise for her, because we have a good relationship and we bring up new and somewhat adventurous stuff from time to time. But she wasn't into it at first. My wife is a little shy about some things. We did have her try peeing on me in the tub. which felt great, but not wholly the experience I was looking for. A little later we were showering together (which we do not do often) and after she peed on me I offered to reciprocate. She turned around and bent over and I applied my stream to her butt and nether parts. I think my stream hit her **** as well and she was "impressed". I think this experience helped her to understand my perspective.
I bought a book of erotic stories for her and one of them was about a woman who trains herself to pee while ************ in the shower so she can satisfy her husband's desire for her to pee on him during sex. I don't know that this will ever happen for us, but we are still having fun along the way.
Several weeks ago she said she would pee on me sometime during the evening. When we went to bed and have sex, this still hadn't happened, so I put down a waterproof mattress pad and towels on my side of the bed to be prepared "just in case". We had a great time in bed, but still no wetting, also, I had not ***, but she was too tired to continue. She said if she had to go in the night, she would do it on me and we went to sleep. Me on my side on top of the towels, not having ***, I continued to play with myself quietly. I like to wear something frilly to bed and this night I was wearing a silky white slip and white panties. Some time later she woke up and said "I have to go, are you awake". I was. She positioned herself over me. squatting right over my **** and soon let go a warm gushing flood. I was instantly rock hard and throbbing. my panties were wet, my slip was wet and clingy and I was soaking in warm sopping towels wet with my love's pee.
I stroked her ***** a couple times, she rolled over and went back to sleep and I finished myself off with delight.
I pulled a beach towel over me so the top sheets wouldn't get wet and went to sleep. The soggy towels stayed warm all night due to my body heat and I awoke wet and happy.
A couple weeks later, after fun sex where we both came, we both went to sleep and again, I had prepped my side of the bed "just in case". At 3:00 am I awoke at the same time as my wife and she had to pee. again, she drenched me, my nightie, panties and towels thoroughly and we both went back to sleep.
This has been great and she enjoys it too. I am looking forward to how it develops. I would love it if she is laying on top of me and let it start with a trickle. Also I want to lick her clean after. I think it would be fun to start off the evening with this and then proceed from there. One thing for sure, I'll be doing more laundry.
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awesome story

That s great, and how awesome to keep experiencing new things.... lucky man

That s great, and how awesome to keep experiencing new things.... lucky man

My wife has peed on me during sex. It's awesome.

Another way that works well, especially if you're taller than she, is for you to sit up in bed, with her in your lap, facing you. You can thrust in and out slowly, and she can squeeze out squirts of pee that both lubricate and stimulate! I've been doing that for a while now with my wife, and it's a wonderful experience.