Wife Pees On My Face And Turns Me On.

My wife and I are into pee play. We/I get off more on her peeing on me than vice versa. Occasionally, at my request, she will agree to pee on me. She lets me watch her pee in the bathrrom whenever I want. When we're the only two at home she'll just leave the door open while peeing.

Sometimes we'll lay a blanket on the floor in the bedroom. Because I am absoultely crazy about her big *** and enjoy very much having her sit on my face, I usually have her to get on top of me in a 69 position. She usually jerks and sucks my **** a while before peeing all over my face. Although she tells me not to, I usually lick her ***** at least a little after she pees. I always then get behind her and **** wildly until I explode.
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I'm jealous. My wife won't pee on me.

My wife usually get me to li ein the bath while she p all over me, espescially good during her period. Last time I was just on the floor while she peed straight into my mouth .Wonderful

Sounds like fun

very very hot. i am not sure about getting sprayed on yet, but i love watching and kissing my wife while she pees, i love the sound of it and look on the woman's face when she let goes. i do kiss her legs when she pees and its super hot

Last night I got my wife to pee on my face and vidoe tape it. Now I can watch it over and over again.

Cool. Consider sharing the video with us.

Hey, just wanted to let you all know that we did it again this past Sunday morning. She straddled my face, stroked my ****, and sprayed me good. I tongued her *** and ***** big time. Then she jacked me off. It was great.

I agree with married2bf, ask her. You may want to, however, ask her during some hot pillow talk. That's how I first asked. She didn't agree right away. But after hearing my repeated requests several times over a period of time, and realizing it wa something I really wanted to try, she eventually agreed. Afterwards, the next day as I recall, she said to me "I can get into peeing on you." Since then it has been great. Peeing on me isn't something we do all the time, of course. But that's okay. I don't annoy her with it because, ba<x>sed on my past experiences with some other fetishes she has indulged, she'll get turned off and not want to do it at all anymore. So, just go for it and ask her.

My wife used to partake in this fetish with me . loved when she peeed on me in the shower, quick clean up. My suggestion is not to let this become an obsession. I did and it quickly became something she got tired of and I think it sends the wrong message. Not sure what that message is just some advice. You are so dam lucky

hey add me on fb wanna see ur wife ******* dear...

This story sounds great. Could you give me advice on how to get my wife to go for something like that?

ask her.

Good for the two of you. With me, my wife lets me play with her **** when she sits on the loo to pee. It's just so beautiful, and I'm hoping there's much more excitement to come.

I hope you get a few drinks while the pee is flowing.