Wife's Cleavage

Properly done, cleavage is a beautiful way express.  I encourage my wife to show as much cleavage as she wants and she does.  We can walk into a bar resturant and men and women's heads will turn; looking at her 36 DD's.  She and I especially like to have a man waiter as he will always be staring at her cleavage.  Pumping gas, going to the grocery store, grabing a coffee at a book store always produces ongoing looking.  Does anyone have any pictures they would like to share.  I tried to copy the above picture and show my wife but I am unable to get a large picture.


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6 Responses May 2, 2010

Love the wife showing a bit too much. Just last night we went to a sports bar. Never had better service from BOTH the waiter and the bar tender checking on "our table". At one point they must have told the manager as he too showed up to "see how our service was".

same idiea, would love to share pictures we have lots of wife cleavage


I am on your side. i love it when my wife did the same.

Very sexy the way you play. We were in Paris and my wife had her top so lose that the young waiter was able to see her braless **** all through dinner. All three of us were very turned on. Would love to hear more.... and see more.

nothing more exciting than to get the wifes **** on show...as the the bacardi goes in, the top gets lower!! love to swap pics with you, my wife is bi and also a 36DD. tesores@hotmail.com

I understand your feelings. It's such a turn-on to see other men try to catch a glimpse<br />
looking down her top while she is showing cleavage.. <br />
If you would like another man to see your wife.. I'd be pleased to offer my thoughts. <br />
We can exchange via mail..