I Too Love My Wife Showing A Lot Of Cleavage

i've gotten my wife to show more and more cleavage.she started out just showing a little cleavage. now i've given her a top and couple of bras that shows a lot of skin.her top goes below her **** and is an inch wide at the bottom and goes up to her shoulders opening wider and wider. basically she is bare chested below her **** to almost her nipples up to her shoulders. from the side you can see underneath her ****. at times it looks like her nipples are going to show.

this past friday night we went to a mall called polaris and went to the apple store.got a salesman to purchase a new ipad.he was a younger guy and clearly checking out her ****. and didn't really try to hide it too hard.we talked to him for a long time my wife talked to him and asked questions. she kept moving around her top opened wider and wider. she would fold her arms and that would push her **** up higher showing more of her ****. she turned sideways and reached foward. she had most of her left breast showing.he was on her right side and her left breast .her nipple was poking around her bra and looked like it was starting to get hard.she was looking him in the eyes and he was looking her ****.
i was getting so horny.
afterwards i asked her and she said she didn't notice. i'm sure that guy was getting very hard.
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2 Responses Apr 1, 2012

your stories are great! i bet it was cool to see him clearly checking out her ****. without try to hide it!

Nothing makes your wife horneyer than guys appreciating her body. Keep up the opportunities and you will soon be awarded!

thanks i will. sometimes she seems to love showing her **** and sometimes she seems uncomfortable doing it. seems like it's more and more of being of her being comfortable doing it.

I've said it before, your continued positive reinforcement of her attractiveness and allure is your best friend. Followed by making sure she knows she's secure in her relationship with you so she feels comfortable "reaching out".