At The Dog Park

Me and my wife took our dog to the dog park. She's 35 with nice full c cups and a cute little bum. I has convinced her not to wear a bra and I LOVED the view. She was wearing this thin cotton dress that clung to her breasts. The neckline was extremely deep so every little movement would show a lot of cleavage and the flimsy dress barely reached passed her *****

When we got to the park I took the dog to play while my wife sat at some bench. When I turned 20 mins later I noticed her talking to an older gentlemen, maybe 65. She was talking with allot of hand gesture so her breasts were bouncing around. I thought the old guys eyes were going to pop out of his head. My wife is a huge tease and it gave me a huge hadron watching her drive this old guys blood pressure up. So I walked over with the dog, my wife smirked at me and knelled down to pet our dog. This gave the old guy an amazing view of all her breasts and he licked his lips has he watched my wife **** get shuffled around by the dog. I let this go on for a few minutes before I decided that the old man deserved an *** shot before we left.

So I dropped my keys under the bench and asked my wife to get them.She got on all fours and reached under the bench. This caused her dress to ride and exposing her thong clad ***. I literately saw the old man cream in his pants, he stared mouth a gap as my wife wiggled her little *** taking a long time to get them. My dog bless his soul wanted to help our little game so he started to pull her dress while she was bent over.

She squealed and spent even longer on all fours,fighting the dog. I went down to pull the dog off and sneakily pulled her panties past her ***, exposing her whole *** and some of her ***** to the old man. He looked like he died and went to heaven. After she had got up we told him we were leaving, the dirty old man motioned for a hug which my wife met. He hugged her tightly probably feeling her breasts nicely and waved with a huge smile as we left.

I took my wife home and we had some insane sex
paulwatman paulwatman
1 Response May 5, 2012

Great story, turning 60 in a couple weeks, hope some lovely lady does that to me, very soon..