My Wife Cleavage At Dinner Party

yesterday on dinner party at home my busty wife made me so crazy by showing her cleavage to my friends . she was wearing a deep neck frock in which her 36 ddd massive cleavage so visible to everyone that every one was enjoying her free show when she was serving fool to all as she bend down ohhhh god what a huge view of her boobs was on. both of us always like the way the other people stare at her cleavage . my friends were concentrating more on her cleavage rather then food . few of them went to wash room also n i saw them doing mastru bate . when i told all this to her both of us got wild on bed n then whole night she was imagining about my other friends which always make me more wild . to make herself more wild she always tell me to tell my friends to write dirty comments about her boobs. she just love it.
hotchanda hotchanda 26-30, M 15 Responses Sep 13, 2012

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That is so hot, man.
I can't wait to see more.

I would love to enjoy a meal with you .... and for dessert we could both give your gorgeous wife as much *** as possible on her **** and then lick it off slowly circling her nipples with the tip of our tongue and scooping the crème up so she can suck it off and enjoy the taste and maybe she would like to clean our ***** and get us hard again to milk more precious *** out for her to drink ;)

ohhh sexyy man i was doing fingering by reading of ur mgs

LOVE her *******!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


her cleavage was more tastier than the food, friends were helpless

always enjoyssssssssss

I would sure love to see her pictures! Please friend me so I can!

Lets see those big ******* in the flesh!

Chanda darling ke bade bade dudhhhh.....chooos chooos kar pine layak aur phir....dono "mount" ke bich me oil laga laga kar.....apna ***** ragdane layak hai......

I wud like to see "chanda" in very tiny....tiny....nylon bikni or topless....with lacy satin panties....

love to see that

I want to completely cover her **** and face in ***.
Your wife makes me very horny.

oh love to *** together on her

I'd like that very much! We could really shoot a huge load on her.

she love to taste that

God I would love to put my face in that cleavage!!!!!!

oh baby love to do 4 u in front of my hubby

she is really beautiful

I would love to see more of her deep cleavage...My wife too wears low tops and shows off cleavage to friends and in public and I enjoy it!

it makes us so wild always

You should have posted those pics...

Her cleavages makes me ***, love to see more of her.

oh she love dirty comments on her cleavage which always make her wild

thnx for giving us liberty.....will do the dirtiest comment for her....