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 I want to share my wife with another man. I don't know how to get her to try it. Does anyone have any experience? Any wives here that have done it?
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I am all for sharing my wife even thought she calls it giving her away she comes home to me and my wife is just worried that another man can also pleasure her and that is something she isn't used to yet but, she will give in again eventually.

i also want share my wife.

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<p>I suggested it to my wife a couple of months before we married and thought she would dump me and suggested it with a long-time friend of hers in a way that convinced her that her friends wasn't as loyal as she thought he was. I told her that her friend would respond to her advances if she was to offer herself and she didn't believe me and one day while we played in bed I told her to text her friend and flirt with him to see how he responds and he quickly resplied and I coached her as to what to say to get him going and told her to say that she was being satisfied but, wasn't getting enough sex and felt she needed more and at first he seemed a bit confused because she has never replied positively to his advances in the past and responded cautiously to make sure it was her on the other end of the texts and when realizing that it was her on the other end began to open up and stated that he had been wanting her for years and had been dreaming of a opportunity like that with her for years. They texted on and off and began to discuss possible plans for a moment together and and trial and error hits and misses of getting together and weeks went by nothing happening due to their schedules and my girlfriend at the time asking how could I possibly let her do this and is it gonna hurt our relationship and we weren't even married yet. Anyways a couple weeks went by and we wound up eloping and while on our wedding night her friend text her in the middle of the night while we were getting busy and and he wanted her to go over to his place while I was asleep and seeing we were out of town she was unable to and she had to make an excuse that she couldn't get away because it was too risky so I convinced her to send a pic of her vagina and he couldn't believe she did it and was totally turned on and anyways to make a long story short he was totally hot for her and they text a bit more and then the night ended and the following day we headed home husband and wife after tying the knot the night before. A week or so went by and her friend text her one late afternoon and he was asking if she could get away for a couple of hours so that he could enjoy her and she immediately let me know what he had asked and she seemed nervous because she wasn't sure if I was gonna ask her to go through with it and I told her to shower and get dressed and go over there and she asked if I was sure and I told her she would be fine so she got ready and nervously headed out and I called her shortly before she arrived at his house and asked her if she was ok and she replied she was very nervous and scared and couldn't believe she was gonna go through with it. I asked her if she would allow me to listen in while she got busy with him and she said she would feel better if I was in a sense close by even by phone so she told me to stay quiet while she knocked on the door and I listened to him open the door and she went in and since she had the phone in her hand it sounded a bit muffled while they began to get into it at first like hugging and kissing and she said he was all over her and he took all her clothes off and was kissing her all over and pushed her onto his bed and she set the phone down next to her and he got on the bed with her and quickly entered her and she told me later how quickly she became wet for him and I could here how wet she was because when he was going in and out of her there was a squishing sound while he he pounded hard on her and the slapping of their bodies and she began to moan somewhat loudly while he pleasured her while he had his way with her for about 20 minutes or so and there was a bit of silence for about 5 minutes when they were making out and passionately and having sex at the same time and she described that he was a good lover and she said that he was a bit longer than me said she could get used to him because she has known him for soo long but, couldn't figure out why it felt good when it wasn't her husband doing it to her and she said it was like she was a bit comfortable with him doing it her and he even made her climax and I got totally turned on when I heard it over the phone and he told her he had been wanting her for years and wants to see her hopefully on a regular basis and they both got dressed and she came home and she told me all about it and was worried that it might hurt our marriage and I reassured her that nothing would happen and she also wanted me to make love to her after returning from with her friend and I did and it was one of the most incredible turn-ons I had ever experienced seeing she just had another man in her and she was still dripping his juices and she was going to get it again from her husband. Since then she hasn't done it again because she is worried she will get attached to him and did say that a couple more times she would probably get attached to her friend and in all honesty I wouldn't mind my wife having a boyfriend but, she says she is worried it would break us up but, at the same time doesn't want to dissappoint me but, would be willing to do it if she knew for sure it wouldn't split us up. She also told me later that he had also pleasured her with his hands down there and seemed very experienced at what he was doing and could get used to him over time but, I think she really wants to let go and do it but, doesn't want to seem like she would be soo willing so easily and also said that had he gone much longer she may have become more willing to sleep with him again because it went to quickly and didn't feel like it meant much and she wanted to feel something not like she wanted to have feelings for him but, she wanted it to mean something in a funny/wierd kinda way almost like love-making but, without the love. I keep asking and she says she is just worried that she will have feelings for him but, I tell her that having feelings for him would be part of the fling with him.

hi i am male slave from hyderabad if u r intrested plz do call me on my number 9885028367 regards ajay

hi i am male slave from hyderabad if u r intrested plz do call me on my number 9885028367 regards ajay

Very wise advice here.

I'm a shared wife, first times I cheated my hb but he realised he enjoyed more othe my behaviour if he shared me with other men;)

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Heyy there ..rene wre u from?

my husband share me with another men, but there is a very special company in our sex games... our neighbour. at first was a bit tricky to accept that you are being fuc ked in front of your husband while he is taking photos, or **** ing or xxxxxxx your mouth or xxse. I must admit we are a happy 3some

hi i am male slave from hyderabad if u r intrested plz do call me on my number 9885028367 regards ajay

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My wife is 28. She has a nice body and big *** and nice boobs. She likes big thick dicks and also loves to get ****** for a lonegr time. she love to get licked down there and is really hot in bed. Why dont you send us your naked pic and also where do u live in Hyderabad. we live in Hitech city interested in full swap.

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hi i am male slave from hyderabad if u r intrested plz do call me on my number 9885028367 regards ajay

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I also want the same thing either 3 some or wife sharing experience

BBulls comments are spot on, have not gotten there yet but since telling her my fantasy... She dresses hotter, has become multi orgasmic and loves having me and the rabbit" second guy"<br />
<br />
Last couple of times, with rabbit in her I was licking he **** and telling her how much I loved watching her **** another guy and come..... She blew immediately and three times more twice with mecin her and once more with Roger Rabbit..... Very hot!!

It's much easier if the wife has had considerable experience with other men before marriage. If not, that's a very high hurdle.

I applaud these wonderful stories and have a little twist of my own. My white girlfriend at the time told me how her black boss kept hinting at sex by complimenting her body and especially her legs. I wanted to share her with guys but not lose her so I encouraged her to wear shorter dresses with sexier underwear and flirt when he gave his compliments and kept telling her that it was natural for black men to be attracted to white teenage girls and she should be flattered and encourage his advances. It took time and she was torn over whether it was 'wrong' or sexy to have sex with other men, with her boss, with older men or with black men. I kept leaving interracial sex literature and cuckold magazaines around our apartment to keep the idea going without saying much unless she asked. It worked and eventually we bought several interracial videos to watch and talked about interracial sex each time we were in bed so it became something she associated with getting turned on. It seemed to work. She asked dozens of times if it would be okay for her to sex her black boss and agreed to do it many times and then lost her nerve. One morning she was very horny before work and I refused her sex saying I wasn't feeling to well (a white lie both literally and figuratively), but she should wear her shortest outfit with no underwear to work since it would just be her and her boss who was getting braver as her skirts got shorter and maybe he could help satisfy her. She paused and then smiled which is when I believe she finally decided to go through with it. She usually comes home from work around 6, but this time didn't come home until almost midnight with a sheepish smile and admitted they closed the office later that morning and had been at his house all day having sex. Since it was Friday night I suggested she spend time over the weekend with him since I still wasn't feeling 100% (but had to hide my hard **** when she told me the details of what they did). She said her boss asked her to go with him and some friends on his boat on Saturday and I encouraged her to do so in her tiniest bikini. She wasn't quite that comfortable with displaying her very nice body in a bikini to strangers and we compromised with a nice swimsuit that was a string bikini, but not as skimpy as her thong bikini. She asked what she do if his friends made advances and I told her that was up to her boss. She surprised me by saying that her boss already told her he would like to share her with his friends (like minds!) but she needed to know if I was okay with being a cuckold. I told her I adored her more for having sex and would be even more happy if she let me have oral sex after they came in her. I immediately took her to bed and had oral sex until she was exhausted and she called her boss to say she would be there. She left Saturday morning and later called to say she would staying over through Sunday. When she came back she had some sunburn and a new swimsuit because the old one got lost when they ******** it off her and the wind blew it into the water and no one noticed because they were all busy having sex. I had oral sex with her for over two hours while she told her wonderful stories of what happened over the past few days. We agreed she could cuckold me with black partners as long as she was honest about it and let me have oral sex with her afterwards. When we married, she even had sex with one of her partners on our honeymoon and as a wedding gift allowed me to watch. There is sheer magic in watching an older black man stuff a wlling and horny twentysomething blond white woman and that was the horniest I have ever been and a great honeymoon present! <br />
<br />
That was years ago and we are still married and she still has black partners. The sex has cooled off some but it is still sexy even if it isn't as often and she only has a few partners now and doesn't look actively for new ones anymore, but it is still great and I still love to perform orally on her. She got some of her girlfriends to sleep with black men too and some liked it and some were just one-time experimenters. I wound up going bi and helping some black men get hard so they could mate with my wife and some said I gave better oral sex than women did. Eventually when my wife wasn't available I wound up orally servicing her partners and my wife bragged about me to one of her girlfriends who then asked me to perform orally on her husband. Now we have a group of four women with black partners and the four white cuckold guys pair off for oral sex with each other while our wives have fun with their partners and then we have oral sex with different wives after their black partners have planted their cream inside them. We have lots of rules for protection so that no one catches diseases (regular doctor visits and numerous blood tests) and no one has caught anything more than a cold from all our interactions. <br />
<br />
If you careful you can have a great sex life with outside partnerships, but it took us years to develop and we did it one step at a time. We are very happy with the relationships we have built, but like everything it is work to make it work right. We made missteps but always corrected them including throwing out guys who played head games or weren't honest. Eventually we developed a compatible group of people who would trust each other with lives and not just our wives. I don't believe it is an understatement to say all eight of us love each other and wouldn't dream of it any other way. We chose to have our white wives with black partners, but that is almost nothing more than an aesthetic choice in the long run. I now believe it would work out with any or the same race, it was just more 'naughty' at the time and made us hornier. As you relax and enjoy each other, it doesn't matter what the races are, just have fun and take it slow. I wouldn't want to be anything other than a very happy bi cuckold watching my wife getting deeply banged while feeling her friend's husband's **** in my throat getting hard while watching his wife also get **** driven to ecstasy. I love sex. I just love it. Good luck to all and good sex!

This is a powerful and compelling desire. It is also very common. I convinced my first wife to **** another man while I watched. It was extremely exciting for both of us. It was in a hotel and when we got back home we screwed for hours.We split up for other reasons but stayed in touch. She became very free sexually and still is many years later. She laughs when she tells me I ruined her and started her on the path to perversion.<br />
I remarried and talked with my current wife about this. At first she found the talk exciting but then got a dose of religion and declared the idea sick. I'd love to see her getting plowed by someone and get rid ofthat holier than thou attitude. I am considering asking for help... a patient and charming man to seduce her.<br />
My thoughts and recommendations. It is a good thing and if your wife or partner is agreeable... it'll be great for both of you. As an aside I have ****** several married women. Most were angry at their husbands for some reason and I was happy to oblige them seeking rtevenge in the sack. If your wife doesn't want to play... there are many that will. Good luck.

williemcd i like the sound of this ,did this really work if so he must have had a lot of trust in you not to tell her it was a set up if i could trust someone that much i would try this just to test the water

I'm way too sexual and alpha to be with a woman who doesn't have a slutty streak. My X and I started swinging in our early 20's. Later, I dated a very hot woman who loved being slutty. I'm currently single, but I'd never settle for the one-man-woman type!

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hi! i also want to do the same but couldn't find the right person or a trust worthy person to do that,as we are muslims and there are certain boundries in our community which have to be followed,but actually i want to make it happen. is there any one,who i can trust.this clear that my wife if of 20 years and she really young and energetic and she also want to do it urgently,we lives in india,andhra pradesh,hyderabad. if any one intrested can mail us on we will be waiting for your replies.

I had an experience (related in the story "Reluctant Wife, NOT") much like a few comments here. The husband planted the seed in her mind, gave me her screen name and some details on her. I added her to yahoo and one day she signed on and somehow I started chatting with her. We chatted for months and eventually started exchanging pics. Well.. go read the story for all the details. But.. the main thread is that she DID NOT WANT TO OPENLY ADMIT TO CROSSING OVER TO THE WILD SIDE! Bill in Va.

where is the details to read

It took me several years & many false starts before my wife would do it. read some of my stories, especially the first time & perhaps you will get some ideas.

i am rajshekhar, 30 male mumbai. I can be of some help to you in convincing her. if interested please reply at

I am 40 and my wife is 35 and both belongs to kerala in india and at present staying/settled in Hyderabad(India). We both very intrested in sex and broadminded on the subject. We have 15 year old son and 12 year old daughter.As per our views sex is a art not abuse. without sex nothing in humans life everything is depended on sex only. So we would like to share each other to any broadminded couples/married/unmarried male/female, with any age group. My wife is very intrested in lesbian sex and sex relation with teenaged Boys&Girls.

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My 28-year-old wife took several months of thinking about this before agreeing. That was three years ago. The experiences since have been amazing.<br />
<br />
A couple of men we know have told us they talked with their wife for years before she opened to the idea. We suspect that some wives have affairs, without telling their husbands, after the husbands have planted the idea in their minds. We aren't sure, but we think that's more common than doing it the way the husband suggests.

Any one like to shar has wife ,, he can email me to <br />

This was a great fantasy that my girl friend and I had. It really made for great sex.After about a year of this we made it a reality in an Atlantic City casino..

I shared the same fantasy/craving for years. I guess i still doeven tho I'm not married. It gets complex but would be glad to share my experiences, thoughts and beliefs

I shared the same fantasy/craving for years. I guess i still doeven tho I'm not married. It gets complex but would be glad to share my experiences, thoughts and beliefs

I share my wife with another man. <br />
<br />
She and I discussed our fantasies one night and I said that one of my fantasies was to see her making love with another man. I expected her to laugh and tell me to "dream on" but instead she said that was a really erotic suggestion. <br />
<br />
We discussed it again some weeks later and she said she wanted to try it. <br />
<br />
After months of searching, meeting and rejecting candidates on web sites such as 'lavalife' and 'matchmaker' I found a guy who seemed suitable. He was separated, looked after 4 kids, steady job etc etc.<br />
<br />
My wife and I met him for coffee and when she and I arrived home we agreed that he was the right man.<br />
<br />
I contacted him and invited him home for our first *********. It took a little while to break the ice once we were all in the same room but when we relaxed and started talking about sex things went wonderfully well. <br />
<br />
I watched him make love to my wife on the couch while I ***********. <br />
<br />
The three of us catch up about every two-three months. We have developed a good relationship and it works for us.

My wife has been doing it for about seven years with only one guy. It is an ex and they always had a good sex life. It is incredible how hot she still is after he has had sex with her. She says we are about the same length but he is real thick. It turns me on that he can stretch her ***** opn so much.

I agree with your comments. I don't know how I would react if we actually did it, but the fantasy is very seductive. I would love to hear from others you have done it or want to.