Mother In Law Likes To Watch My Punishment

My mother in law came to stay with us for two weeks, as we had only been married six months she was interested to see how we where getting on. My wife & her mother are two very dominant woman who take great delight dominating & having total control of there husbands. As it was winter my wife was wearing her thigh boots, her mother said i like your boots i bet they would look better with your husband underneath them, my wife said yes they do her mother said i would like to see that, you will & a lot more as soon as we get home said my wife. As soon as i had got the luggage put away my wife said mum watch this as she slid her whip out the top of her thigh boot her mother said i like it do you always keep your whip down the side of your boot, my wife said yes it is out of sight but always at hand, now i am going to punish you for not cleaning my car i said but it is raining that got me a slap round the face, her mother said give him another slap but always pull your leather gloves on tight befor you slap a mans face, if you get the air out of your gloves the slap will have more effect, my mother in law was right the second slap had a much greater sting, i was then told to get on my hands & knees my wife started the whipping she took her time between each stroke as she was chatting with her mother, then i felt the heel of her thigh boot in my back i was pushed flat to the floor & held down the whipping was now much harder as i could hear her mother encourage her as i was reduced to tears, the whipping stoped my mother in law said with a big smile on her face i think you will have to do as you are told i am here for two weeks & i will be delighted to give you the next whipping.
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4 Responses May 15, 2012

lucky guy, I wish my mother in law also slaps me.

My deep respect to both your wife and moter-in-law! Hope whe whipped you pretty often during your moter-in-law visit, as well as after it.


like mother like daughter.