Exposed To Neighbour In Back Garden

Exposed To Neighbour In Back Garden
By: Me

Written on September 19th, 2012

Things have been pretty uneventful recently, however I'm still subject to regular otk spankings by my wife and mother in law. I have this desire to go outside completely naked and when my wife was at work I decided to venture out in my back garden just to experience that feeling of freedom of being without clothes. I had done this before and wanted to experience it again
I was pottering about and enjoying the sun on my back when I glanced up at my neighbor's bedroom window and could see someone staring down at me and I hurried inside, hoping that I hadn't been seen properly. Nothing happened for a couple of days but at the weekend my wife called me in to the living room and said that her friend Gillian, our neighbour had stopped her outside earlier today and told her what she saw in our back garden. I was asked to give an explanation as to why I was outside the house completely naked in full view of our neighbour. I meekly tried to come up with a believable excuse but my wife was having none of it and said that as I liked being nude then I was to get undressed now and remain nude for the rest of the day. My protests were ignored and I was informed that if I didn't ***** right now then she would tell my family what a pervert I was. The last thing I want is for my family to know what kind of relationship I am in with my wife and in-laws so I duly took all my clothes off and stood naked head bowed waiting for further instructions. My wife got up from the chair and came over to me and smacked my bare cheeks and told me to go and stand in the kitchen facing the wall, it was a position I was used to and as I was standing there my wife went outside and shouted over the fence to our neighbour. I couldn't hear what was said between them but I could hear laughter and giggling and next thing I knew, my wife was back inside and telling me that I was going to receive a good paddling for my indiscretions and Gillian was coming over to witness the whole thing. I was mortified and begged her to change her mind but she was having none of it. It was one thing being spanked in front of my in-laws but this was taking things to a whole new level. A few minutes later there was a knock at the door and my wife went to open it, shortly after that as I stood there completely naked with my nose in the corner I could hear Gillian take a deep breath and then burst out laughing. I was told to remain in the corner whilst my wife explained just how things were in this household and my paddle was pointed out and I was asked to turn round and retrieve my paddle and bring it over to my wife who was sitting in a chair near the back door. Gillian was told that I had regular spankings and also that her mum had administered a few as well. Gillian was shocked to hear this and said wow! it's amazing that you can be in so much control and couldn't get enough of the stories about how my punishments had taken place. As I turned round to retrieve my paddle Gillian noticed my lack of pubic hair and also my small member and couldn't stop laughing as I padded over to my wife and was made to go over her knee. She said to my wife " how do you manage in the bedroom with him having such a small willy " My wife said that it was a struggle and she had thought about finding a real man to have some fun with. These comments both shocked and aroused me and it was made worse when my wife told Gillian that I had an erection at the thought of her doing it with someone else. Gillian found that extremely amusing and watched contentedly as I received my punishment. After 25 swats I was told to stand up and I still had an erection, they both burst out laughing again and Gillian asked if she could take a couple of pictures on her phone. I was told to turn with my back to them and to look over my shoulder as my face was going to be on the pictures, then I stood facing them and another picture was taken of me in my aroused state and then I was told to get outside in the garden and stay there. I had really liked Gillian before but knew that now I would only be treated like a naughty child. I heard Gillian say that she would tell her husband all about todays episode and he wouldn't be very happy that i had exposed myself to her and he may want to paddle me himself. My wife said that's fine no problem tell him to come over anytime and he can take it out of my naughty backside.. I shuddered at the thought of being spanked by my neighbour as he was over six feet in height and built quite powerfully. After Gillian left I came back in the house but found my mother in law had arrived and was being filled in with the days events. I was then put over my mother in laws knee and given a hand spanking and as I was being spanked she told me that she had plans for me at her house in the coming weeks as I was going to be a maid for her and some of her friends.
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Sep 22, 2012