Spanking Fantasy

i have many fantasies, but one of the most vivid is wanting my wife/mistress giving me a spanking in public. it goes something like this. the mistress decides to have a girls only party at home. all her friends attend. i'm there to help only. while the party is going on, i do something wrong. Mandy, my mistress, gets mad. i say i'm sorry but it doesn't cut it. in front of the girls she makes me drop my pants. she then proceeds to spank me several times. when she stops she asks the women if any one would like to take a turn at spanking me. two other friends take her up on her offer. at the end i'm so sore i can't sit down. anyway that's my fantasy. by the way, she does spank me often.

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good for you, enjoy it. I get spanked by wife/mistress in private and in public as you mentioned.<br />
On the girls' night I get spanked in front of her friends, just to show who is the boss. Yes, her <br />
friends may get a chance to spank me. (secretly I began to enjoy it.............)

Sounds enjoyable to me too Zeb - I would love the humiliation of having my wife spank me in front of her mother and I would be very happy for my mother-in-law to spank me too.<br />
<br />
So I think you are lucky - but to repeat the question, how does it make you feel?

It sounds enjoyable for me, but how do you feel about it, Zeb.?

Yes sometimes i have to lay across my wifes lap, and while she takes a very firm grip on me my mother in law lays into me with a belt i am only allowed to wear a short apron and panties in the house, so i am frequently slapped on my bum and thighs by either of them, for "misbehavior"

Zeb, does your law also spank you?

i live with my wife in my motherinlaws house. I am freqently punished over my wifes lap with a bare bottom spanking in front of her mother.

Why so quiet?

Very clever indeed, Miel... !!!!!

Mandy has a friend who likes to flirt with me. i just ask Mandy, "do you think Betty would like to spank me?". it never fails. boy, do i get it!

B, i leave a spanking impliment in plain view and say something to her eg. 'My bottom would love to feel that<br />

Awesome fantasy... i have a very similar one, i'm going to write it out and post it here soon. <br />
Question for you guys: let's say you're really wanting a good spanking but your wife doesn't seem into it that day/night/week... what do you do or say to suggest or coax her into the mood? Male-chauvanist-pig-type ribbing? Doing something wrong on purpose? Smarting off or disobeying her? Asking her directly or leaving an implement in plain view? <br />
What works for you?<br />
I know for me I have to prod her sometimes with off-color remarks or jokes, and when she warns me I pretend to strighten up but then "slip up" again. Usually if she ignores me I know she's really not in the mood, but if she gets to "Just you wait until I get you home, mister" I know I've got it coming!

My wife spanks me, not often enough but well enough. She may spank me in front of friends that are into it themselves, but not in public.

I would love to find a woman who would spank me in public. Maybe for being naughty at the mall? But definately in front of her friends and having to submit to being chastized by them too.... mmmm Lucky you

How nice to have someone to spank you often!