I Need It...

I really want nothing more than for my wife to pull down my panties and spank me with her hairbrush until I am sobbing my heart out and begging her to stop. And I want her to continue until I've been given a real thrashing. I want to submit to her will and know that she is a wife who is going to discipline me just because she is a woman and therefore superior. I want to be dominated and humiliated by her.
jessicasissymaid jessicasissymaid
41-45, M
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been there myself spank till crying then poull my panties up an have to sit watching tv sobbering

You better be happy that I'm not your wife. I'd burn a hairbrush into your backside.<br />
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I do not suffer fools (husbands, disobedient, surly men or women) gladly.<br />
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Hand, wooden spoon, hairbrush, comb, strap, belt (no cane - too big, not portable) are the things I use.<br />
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I would have no problem spanking you while we are out and about. I have spanked a man (who was acting like a boy) in a mall "family" bathroom. I know he didn't think I was serious when I told him that I would not wait until we got home to punish him. I took him to task and reddened his ***. He walked the straight and narrow for the rest of our outing.<br />
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I say women should walk proudly and carry a large hairbrush!

I like your logo. is it you or your wife's bottom. Whichever it is very nice and curvy. i have often worn my wife's undies when I go out. i just have to be careful when driving the car and not get involved in an accident. That would be most embarrassing.

Thank you Silvertop

If that is your desire,you really should talk to her about this.You obviously have a need for this most pleasurable activity. Share your needs with her and if she loves you as I assume she does you may be pleasantly surprised.Explain to her why you have this need.I am sure this is an occurrence in many marriages but it is kept very private and not for the public domain. Dont remain frustrated about it.