I Let My Wife Blow My Best Friend

This is how it all started for us. I suppose it was inevitable we would enter a swinging lifestyle. But it had to start somewhere and that place was my wife's mouth over my friend's ****. Andrea and I had talked a lot in the bedroom about bringing another guy into our sex lives. It was something that turned both of us on. At first it started out as dirty talk but the more frequently each other brought it up the more obvious it was we both wanted it.
Andrea and I were just dating at the time this happened. It was winter and my best friend was coming over to my apartment to watch basketball that night. My friend and I had a rooting interest in the same team so being the antagonist she is, Andrea decided to cheer for the opposing squad. The game had just begun so I decided to pose a bet to spice things up a notch. After all it was a Friday and were just hanging out having a few drinks anyway. I suggested if our team was winning after the first half Andrea would have to ***** down and watch the game in her bra and thong the 2nd half. She laughed at the idea but didn't say no. I told her we would each give her $20 if her team was up. We also added a clause that, if our team was up, she would have to serve us drinks the 2nd half too. She has always been confident about her body so it didn't take much convincing for her to take the bet. The game was close throughout the first half and all three of us were shouting at the TV. As the half drew to an end my team had hung onto a 5 point lead. Time for some action. She covered her face in embarrassment before looking at me with a "do i really have to" look. I had a little buzz going and was excited to see her partially exposed to my friend. I had shown him pictures of her naked before but in person and in front of me was a much more intense feeling. The moment of truth came as she reluctantly stood up and removed her top. She had on a pink bra that contrasted well against her tan skin. Next she undid the top button and pulled down her zipper on her pants before hesitating. Facing both of us she finally built up the nerve to pull her pants down. She immediately sat down on the chair next to the couch when, without missing a beat, my friend finished his drink and looked at me saying "I think it's time for another one don't you?" Of course I agreed, and Andrea got up, took the drink out of my friend's hand and walked into the kitchen. Giving us a good luck at her *** when she walked away. My buddy gave me a this is awesome type of look when she cleared the room.
After she had come back with a full drink she said if her team ended up winning we would both have to give her the $20. She didn't care about the money but it was her way of pushing the envelope because she knew I would want to extend the bet. I took the bait and said that was a lose-lose for us so if her team lost she would have to disrobe completely for the entire night and my friend would get to undress her. The 2nd half began and the only way to get her off the couch so we could see her body more was to finish our drinks. Needless to say we were downing captain and cokes to a rapid pace. That didn't do anything to subside the derogatory nature of the remarks we were giving to Andrea. It was obvious she liked the attention as she became more and more flirty and comfortable as well.
To my surprise her team actually took the lead about midway through the 2nd half. About this time my friend got up to go to the bathroom. This gave Andrea a chance to come by me. When she sat down she kissed me and rubbed her hand on my ****. I remember her asking me if I wanted to see her naked in front of my friend. "I want to see more than that I replied."
She didn't take long to say "you want me to suck his ****?"
"Yeah baby" I responded, as she continued to kiss me. My **** was ready to jump out of my pants when my friend walked back in the room. I didn't know if we were just talking dirty like we always did or she really wanted to give him head.
When he left he and I were both seated on the couch and Andrea was on the chair. But now that she was next to me it brought her into a more seductive setting between us. She got up a few more times to get drinks, now her *** was right in my friend's face when she stood up. She passed by me on the way to the kitchen and I gave her *** a good slap on her way through (she loves getting spanked). The half was almost over now and our team had regained the lead. The game was a lot closer to than it was supposed to be and I was worried our team could potentially lose. Luckily for us they forced a few late turnovers and opened up the lead to about a 10 pt game with little time left. This meant it was time for her to lose the bra and thong. She started to unstrap her bra when I shouted "aren't you supposed to have some help with that!" She gave me a dirty look and walked over to our friend, turning her *** to him so he could undo her bra. When I saw this I said " no no no...at least turn around to see if he can do it without looking." Giving me another jokingly dirty look she straddled Kevin (my friend) on the couch and positioned her **** in front of face. He reached around her waste and pretending he couldn't undo her bra so she would have to stay on top of him. We all laughed until he finally undid the back and removed the straps from her shoulders. Her bra gently fell from her **** leaving her completely topless sitting on my best friends lap. Next she stood up and "assumed the position" with her *** in front of Kevin. He grabbed her thong by each side and slowly moved it to the floor. Things were very real now. I couldn't believe I was looking and my girlfriend naked, her clothes just removed by my best friend. I knew I liked it though. We all sat there for a second, quietly admiring Andrea naked and on display.
She broke the silence by saying "why don't I get everyone drinks" and disappearing into the kitchen.
Kevin and I watched her until she was out of sight. I was wondering where the night was going to go from here when Andrea showed up with our drinks. She walked into the room briskly which made her **** bounce to each step before handing each of us a drink. Still standing in front of us she declared, "if I had to be naked in front of any of your friends I'm glad it's Kevin."
Giving her a hard time I said "jeez, why don't you just date him from now on."
She answered, "my friend DID say he was a good kisser." (he went on a few dates with on of her friends but it never went anywhere)
"She lies though" I shot back.
Kevin responded with "Whoa that's not true, I am a great kisser."
"I bet you're not better than me" I said.
He laughed and Andrea, still standing naked in front of us, said "there's only one way to find out....." as she moved towards Kevin's lap again. "I will kiss you both and I will be the judge."
"That's not fair because you will pick him out of spite" I replied.
"I promise to be a fair judge!" She was begging to kiss him!
Kevin saw an opportunity and chimed in "the only fair way to do this is if you are blindfolded."
This brought a whole new dimension to the night. "What an idea" Andrea said excitingly, and immediately ran upstairs to get a towel!
"You ok with this" Kevin asked?
"Why not" I replied. Not only was I ok with it I couldn't wait to see what would happen next.
Andrea returned rather quickly with the towel and was starting to put it over her eyes when I stopped her, saying "because I am so confident I am the best kisser here, I want to put a bet down. If Kevin wins I will let you give him head on our couch right now. If I win, I get to take you into our room and do whatever I want with you and Kevin has to suffer knowing what he could've had." When I said this I knew she would be able to tell my kiss and therefore could decide if she wanted to do anything with Kevin.
"Should I take my pants off now" Kevin joked. We all laughed and I walked over and helped Andrea put on her blindfold.
The time to kiss her had come. I was so nervous and excited to watch my friend kiss her and see if she would suck his **** or not. Kevin motioned for me to go first so I walked over and kissed Andrea passionately. We made out for around a minute. I wanted to make sure she knew it was me. Next Kevin took his turn and quietly walked to Andrea, slowly embracing her and kissing her lips. I was feet away from my best friend kissing my naked girlfriend and loving every second of it. He grabbed her *** as the kissing became more passionate and their tongues moved in and out of each others mouths. After what seemed to be an eternity they stopped kissing and Kevin backed away. She moved her blindfold. I said, "you better keep that on for when I **** you in our bedroom."
She said "maybe, if you were the 2nd guy to kiss me." My stomach turned as I knew I was going to watch her blow my friend. Kevin raised his hands in victory and Andrea smiled at me.
I knew she wanted to do it so I said "a bet is a bet, lets get to it before I change my mind." She took him by the hand and walked him over to the couch. I followed them and sat on the other side of it. I couldn't believe my eyes as Andrea undid his belt and pulled his pants to the floor. His **** was hard and probably an inch bigger than mine. She stoked his shaft and started at his balls, licking her way to his tip. I listened as he put his head back and moaned when she deepthroated him. She gave him head for awhile before he moved his hands down to her **** and played with them. They were both comfortable and had a clear sexual connection. He was drunk by now so she gave him head for probably 15 or 20 minutes before he really got into it, grabbing her head and face ******* her mouth. She took all he gave her when he finally came in her mouth. She smiled when she was done and I don't think we even said a word before she grabbed my hand and took me upstairs to our bedroom. She immediately through me on the bed and ripped off my pants, sucking my **** with the mouth that just was wrapped around my best friends shaft.
She stopped to ask "did you like watching me baby?"
"You were amazing" I replied.
"You're not mad are you?"
"Of course not, I loved watching you" I said.
"I was so nervous pulling down his pants.....did you see his ****" she asked?
I responded "Yup, did you like it?"
"It was big. Would you like to see me suck it again?"
"I want to see you **** him next time, would you like that?"
"I wanted to **** him so bad downstairs! I thought about it but I didn't know if you wanted me to."
"How would you **** him? Pretend I am him" I teased.
Andrea mounted me now, her ***** was already wet. I continued with the role play, "would your boyfriend be mad if he knew about this?"
"I don't care" she moaned. "I like the way your **** feels instead. You're so much bigger than him."
We moved positions and I started ******* her from behind. "Give it to me! Harder, Kevin" she begged. She was actually picturing him **** her right now. I slammed her ***** as hard as I could before I pulled out to *** on her back. Quickly she turned over and told me *** on her face (she loves this). "My boyfriend never gets to do this, make me your ****." This was all I could take and came on her face. I covered her face with my *** and she jerked me off and played with my balls. She cleaned up and we talked a little more about what happened....what a night!

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