Not All My Friends...

But her having one of my buds as a steady suck & **** buddy would be great.
twofun twofun 41-45 8 Responses Nov 25, 2010

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That is a great idea..

Though I know you have many to choose from, I would certainly love to be the one!!!

I loved it when my man shared me with his friends! He used to take pictures and videos and post them on the internet.

Cool have fun why not :)

Great idea!

I have had my wife come home after one time but have not had the pleasure of being there. would love to have that happen.

right? wouldn't this be the best??

it is so cool to have a steady **** buddy for your sexy wife! my ex loved it so much, we had three or four to satisfy her! some my friends, some hers, and some were our friends! never a dull moment around our house!