My Wife Doesnt Like The Taste

Im with her for 6 years and she just swallow two times. One time she almost vomited and another she swallow and drunk a cup of water 1 sec after.

I was reading some stories here and got home and told her: today you will swallow and wont miss any drop. Result: she swallow and after 3 secs she throw up all my load. *****!

EDITED: OK, I did it! it was so hot! She came home and I was so horny with the my plan that I ****** her twice and used two condoms. Later I bring her some Banana with milk powder (she likes that ****) and some creamy ***. I unloaded one condomĀ  it was too creamy and i thought "omg, she will suspect". Then I thought "**** it, she will swallow this **** now" and unloaded another condom I had.

I took pictures of the plate and then made a video of her eating it. It was so hotttt. Of course I will repeat that!
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6 Responses May 8, 2012

i like ur photo...very hot

i would love to see a vid....

I posted a pic of this story on my album.

Oh I want to see that pic

dear friend some females have that problem. your way is super i like it. my wife have also same problem she sucks my **** long time but cant swallow. i shoot my hot *** on her face and enjoy both

try eating a bunch of fruit and healthy stuff my wife says it tastes batter when i do, but she swallows every time ;)

Hey i had the same problem she use to try to swallow her eye's would water and she would Gag and yup she had a can of 7up next to the bed and would down it right after i would bust a nut in her mouth. the answer is Pineapple Juice drink as much as you want try not to drink coffee not sure what else. look it up but it works she say's it make's it taste sweet much better than before. hope it works for you

Thanks. I will try it. Until there she will eat it on food.