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Why would you want your wife to do such a thing?
Jnrx Jnrx 18-21 16 Responses Apr 24, 2011

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why not, seeing your Wife W&nking and Sucking off several Strangers C0cks is a Fantastic sight. Seeing ger get her face drowned in their filthy Spvnk & getting her mouth filled is a massive turn on. Why not, its not illegal nor is it doing anyone any harm. Its a modern world, lighten up and lets get more peopel to see this stuff & make it more acceptable and to be seen by many.

I think that sounds hot!

because they have a **** that's why and I agree with ladyblue848 D:

Me too. I find it to be very erotic

I think that if it actually is the woman's fantasy, that's fine, although it is dangerous, but I don't understand why the husband needs to watch if it is just about the woman enjoying her fantasy. That is unless having the husband watch is part of the fantasy. <br />
<br />
I think most of the time it is not about the woman and what she wants. I think its usually about what the man wants and his fantasy of seeing his wife do this, or other taboo things, and being turned on by it. Some men see their wives as their play thing, their personal **** star, or their tool to do things they want, but aren't comfortable doing themselves. Lots of things are taboo and if a man is so turned on by being involved in things that are taboo, he should do those things himself instead of using his wife as his tool or instrument to engage in the taboo. Many understand that its safer and has less impact on a person's mental state to have someone else do their dirty work for them. I don't think a man who really loves his wife would want to subject her to the variety of diseases you can catch from ingesting a stranger's bodily fluids. <br />
<br />
I also think that men who are closet bisexuals or who are gay, but haven't come to terms with their sexuality, enjoy having their wife do this with them there because then they can be with an aroused man involved in a sexual act, without actually engaging themself since they still are not comfortable with it, and they can sometimes feel like they are performing the act vicariously through their wife. I also think that sometimes, for one reason or another, the man has issues with his wife and feels contempt, resentment, anger, frustration, or disrespect for her so getting her to do something like this somehow helps to satisfy those feelings. <br />
<br />
Just ignore married2bs. He likes to do this to people he assumes don't think like him. He's done it to me and others. Don't let him suck you into his desire to create drama and conflict.

yep, married2bs has done it to me also........... reverted to name calling..... blocked me.... why? I got on his nerves and disagreed with him, that's why lol so immature.......... he goes off on a wordy tangent to prove a point...... little does he know...... his point gets lost in trying to impress through the words he chooses to use lol.................taking political views from decades past and applying to the subject at hand.....just to make him self look and feel more important/ educated than the person who disagrees with him ...........

BINGO!!!! - from what I have seen you nailed it.

it could be that one is gay and uses wife to pickup men for a sexual adventure ................. the wife is a front

Yes it was only a question. Married2bf fell right into a trap of over-reacting. Especially from a such young person the response should have been a simple explanation of why some people find it exciting.<br />
<br />
The questioner was probably also wondering about the health risks having seen a few health posters.....

hell ya.... the risk of catching std..... did you know, that the more sexual partners a female has sets her up for getting cancer of uterus,
which she may or not get .....but odds are higher for getting it, if she has had maNY SEXUAL PARTNERS.

Yes and I believe gays are getting throat cancer from this source too.

I had a B/F who really enjoyed watching me suck other men off. He would even invite guys over then take me aside and tell me he wanted to watch me suck their *****. He would even photograph me sucking them then post the photos to newsgroups and eventually created a website with nothing but pictures of me sucking ****. I don't know why it turned him on so much but I was more than happy to oblige him.

wonderful for you both! met both your needs! you have my support

Well hope you don't regret this later, especially since you have yourself on the internet now. He's probably making money off of you and other girls similar to you, so I would be careful.

@SexC Thank you sir all I needed was an explanation I am satisfied with that answer ;~}

M2bf, I see your point buddy, but I still won't vote troll. Everything isn't a conspiracy and very few people actually think about what they are saying and writing. He was just having fun and meant no harm. You were over the line when you attacked his age, you know very well that young people believe age and experience mean nothing. You attacked his age to **** him off and you know it.<br />
<br />
Jnrx, M2bf is proven right about you by every comment you left. You don't care why someone would want to watch his wife eat a stranger's *** and went to battle with a dirty old man that has been personally affected by gangs of clean up EP trolls. If you had been mature enough to understand his irritation, there's one man that could have eloquently expressed what true love for a wife is from the point of view you were curious about.<br />
<br />
Speaking of true love for a wife. I love it when other men's wives *** in this stranger's mouth and I can assure you that they are so appreciative of the kindness that they shake my hand and clap me on the back. Imagine that Jnrx, having a somewhat sexy woman blow you to completion while her horny husband offers you drinks and congratulates you on a job well done. It is a grand moment in life, that's for sure.

yuck D: But hey that's what other people like I guess.

Ah You assume my intentions are bac because you appear to be a cynical "old man" I don't care if you can read or not what I asked was a question....It wasn't meant to offend anyone...but YOU took it as offensive for whatever reason.Did it ever occur to you that your being an idiot about the whole thing and you took a simple question out of proportion? Probably not i'm guessing....<br />
<br />
It''s good to see that EP has a "Lax" policy for dealing with people who like to ask questions...<br />
<br />
Ha it's good to see that you are Nosy enough to look at my past question Good for you sir...congrats...but sorry to disappoint but this was simply a question and you should know just as well as anyone else that you can't ALWAYS judge someone ba<x>sed on past experiences seeing as how you are so "old and wise" but it's sad you need a "Young *****" to tell you this....and it's nice to see someone so mature can be so immature and resort to name calling.<br />
<br />
No you should do Neither you should take the question AS IS and answer it....Someone as a question on EP I don't waste time looking at their past experiences questions and things like that I answer it to the best of my ability and move on with my life.<br />
<br />
But you seem to have nothing more to do with your time other than to actually take the time to do that...and for that I feel sorry for you.<br />
<br />
Ah and yes I do have pet peeves we all do....but I don't judge someones every action ba<x>sed on their pet peeves ;~}

I assumed your intentions were bad because they are. You are an evil little ***** and now pretend the dumb old man can't read and think. You list several qualities needed for a wife to swallow *** as PET PEEVES in a different story. I assumed you knew who you were and were able to keep track of the things you say.<br />
<br />
EP has a lax policy in dealing with people like you. It is up to the community to point you out.<br />
<br />
Why don't we create the following poll...<br />
<br />
Poll Question: <br />
If the author of this “question” as it is worded recently posted the following Pet Peeves<br />
<br />
3) Girls who are ******<br />
4) Guys who play girls<br />
9) Girls who are teases....<br />
10) People who post too much information in their statuses.....NO ONE Needs to know when you are horny.. <br />
<br />
Should we assume the intent of the question is pure or trollish?

The context? It's simply text you take it as how you want to take it....all I ask was a's up to the reader to choose the context of it.<br />
<br />
It seems that you sir simply took it wrong and assumed my intentions were bad because of my age...and also you use my age to write it off as "just some kid trying to troll" which was not the chase...and I doubt other members of the community would care much....simply because there isn't many people who seem interested in watching their "wife" swallow a strangers ***.

Then I have prevented an EP travesty. In your defense you claim that you will not become the troll the context of your statement implied you might be, yet in your defense your hackles are more testosterone driven than a simple misreading should inspire.<br />
<br />
Youth and context are always an interesting read. I'll let my comment stand and see what the other members of the community make of the context of your "story" and reply.<br />
<br />
If you didn't mean to TROLL and be an *** in the first place you would have greeted my misreading of your pathetic plea quite differently and rather than attack me (and through context imply my wife isn't a real woman - though she has nothing to do with my statement)Try wording your story as follows. "Wow that's a weird idea. I don't think I could be into it, but I'm very curious as to how a relationship goes down this road" and you will have a context that is less disapproving.<br />
<br />
But, I'm sure my words are wasted as so many children of 21st century America don't understand the nuances of innuendo and context... Read boldly my friend as the words will hammer your brain in ways that a movie never will. Deny as you please... but I am sure that your future commentors (and the ones who chose not to comment) see your context and sense your agenda.

^ LoL you got all that just from me asking why? Lolz Geez get over yourself sir or miss nobody is trolling or anything so get your head out your *** and learn that....and stop assuming things...<br />
<br />
I never said this disgust me....<br />
<br />
I never judged or ridiculed......<br />
<br />
No I don't think it would be appropriate to join those groups...and tell them their crazy....but I didn't do anything like that so I don't know how it's even relevant to my question.<br />
<br />
ah an I see you seen my age so you put assume I've never known how beautiful a "real" woman is or can be....right....look I don't know what's your problem but all I asked was a question maybe you should stop being so sensitive and stop trying to be so condescending and just learn to see things for what they are...<br />
<br />
All I asked was a question all I wanted was an answer. I never said I was judging you or any of that BS so plz just get the hell over yourself...and you don't know me or ANY of the women I have met in my life so stop assuming that you know my situation cause you surely don' may be older than me and you may be married to what you call a "Real women" but your whole paragraph has just showed me that it your never too old to make yourself look like an immature,condescending,overly sensitive,idiot. And Plz <br />
<br />
Don't go assuming that just because i'm younger than you i'm some kind of idiot who doesn't know any better...or I just want to "Troll" on your little group cause if you ask me the only thing that number that we call "Age" means to me is simply the amount of years we have been alive.

If you don't understand why a man would want his wife to swallow a stranger's ***... <br />
A. No explanation will be satisfy you<br />
B. You probably shouldn't venture into groups that are alien or disgusting to you. Many will be and EP is a place for like minded folk to chat about what they want to. Not be judged or ridiculed (which you haven't done...<strong>yet</strong>)<br />
<br />
Do you think it would be appropriate to me to go into an “I love my wife so much that I want to limit her life and bind her to only having fantasies that involve me” group and tell them their crazy?<br />
Or what about the “I'm so scared my wife doesn't love me that I yell at her and make her feel like a pathetic ***** because she made eye contact with the fella at the service station”<br />
If it weren't for my morality, I'd especially love to troll on the folks in the “I'm under 25, never been married and have no idea how beautiful a <strong>real</strong> woman is and can be” group.

I agree with your responses and absolutely want this for my wife