Unknowing Wife

I would love for my wife to swallow another guys *** but she will never do it knowingly so I am working on a plan. I have secretly cummed in her ice cream & other foods, now i am working on a plan to have someone else do it without her knowing and then watching her eat it if possible he could be there to.
tjonchar tjonchar
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My ex and his friend made a *** sundae for me and I LUVED it!

That's pretty hot.. I'd love to do that too. A friend of mine and I both jacked off on my wife's panties. I put them in her drawer and saw her put them on. <br />
I'd really love for my wife to get really drunk and pass out, then have someone *** in her mouth and film it.

Damn, we're so much alike! Years ago my wife and I drank and partied a lot. She never minded giving me a ******* but always refused to swallow. I got a brilliant idea after we had gotten home from a party and she passed out. I purposely put her near the side of the bed after stripping her. I gave her time to get really sound asleep and then started playing with her boobs and ***** with no response. She was dead to the world.I turned her head facing outward and started rubbing my **** on her lips and then easing it between them. With no response from her, I pulled her lower jaw down a little so that I could get my **** in her mouth. I then jacked off the rest of the way. She had to either swallow or choke. She swallowed then and more times after. I suggested to a friend who was with us one night but he refused to do it. Said I was a rotten bastard for doing that to her but he had no qualms about ******* her without her knowledge.