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5 Of My Co-workers ****** My Wife!

I just found out about it.  Deborah just recently told me that many years ago five of my co-workers well, basically raped her.  She had been too embarrassed and hurt to mention it before.

We had only been married for less than three months when the printing company I worked for invited all the employees to the lake for the weekend.  An insurance company owned the printing company and had a very nice lodge on the lake in eastern Oklahoma.  Deborah (she always went by Debbie then) and I went.  We waterskied through the day and a steak dinner was planned for the evening.

Debbie went upstairs to our room to shower before dinner and I stayed in the great room, talking and enjoying the view of the lake.  She had trouble with her key and one of my co-workers said that she was trying the wrong door.  He moved to the next door, opened it, took her hand and led her in.  The rooms were all large and this room was his and three other men who were there, either single or without their wives.

Debbie was wearing only a bikini and the men had apparently enjoyed the view.  One of them brought a picture of Debbie's *** framed by an inner tube to show me later that night.  I didn't especially appreciate the gesture. however, I still have the picture.

Well, back to what happened.  Another man was in the room when they entered.  Debbie tried to leave, but they held her, saying that she may as well shower in their room.  When she tried to get away, they held her tightly and turned the radio up loudly.  One of the men untied her top and as her **** came to view, began to suck on them.  They pulled her to the bed as she struggled and told them 'no!"

As one of the men lay on top of her, groping her, the other man opened the door and called for their friends.  Their two roommates and another man came in and closed the door.  Soon Debbie had being held by four men as her bikini bottoms were pulled off.

One of the men asked, "who's first?"  The man who first took her into the room wasted no time as he dropped his pants, moved between her legs, licked her, then stuck his **** inside.  Another man forced her to suck him as she was being ******.  One by one, all the men ****** her, shot their *** inside her ***** and also made her suck them.  Debbie told me they used a wet wash wrag to wipe her ***** between men.  She told me they took pictures of her naked and with each one of them ******* her.  They said that if she said anything, the pictures would be seen by everyone and they all would say that she came to their room and asked for it.

When they finished with her, they walked her to our room, which was just next door.  I had been downstairs all the time and never knew anything about it .  I am sure wondered why she was gone so long, but as she talked with me about it, she said she remembered telling me that she had taken a nap.  She was on the pill at that time, so no pregnancy.  I just could hardly believe it.

I know that I was invited to an upstairs room at work after we got home and watched **** videos.  I still remember being turned on by one that showed two couples on a yacht.  The crew had tied up the husbands and took turns raping their wives. I am now sure that I was watching and enjoying the **** with the very men that had raped my wife and I knew nothing about it.

It all happened long ago, and it has taken many years for my wife to even tell me.  Amazing! And also very true that I got hard while she was telling me and I want her to tell me about it again and again.

wifelvrman wifelvrman 56-60, M 13 Responses Dec 18, 2009

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"Please respond with authenticity, support, and respect." Hmmmmm. I can only muster authenticity in this case. Rape is not a fantasy act. BDSM, role play, etc. is just fine, and NOT Rape. Rape involves a person being used sexually AGAINST THEIR WILL. This is a crime for a reason. I speak from unfortunate experience. Mine and my wife's lives were shattered 4 years ago when she was brutally raped by a stranger. It is a problem because males in this society can not seem to evolve and recognize the difference between healthy and unhealthy arousal. Rape is extraordinarily destructive to a person's life and mental health. The PTSD/RTS that results for victims makes most facets of life very difficult to deal with. I still get panic attacks sometimes when she is running errands or out with friends...scared to death that something horrible has happened to her. I still can't approach her from behind without audibly announcing my presence...when I forget to let her know I'm there, a light, unannounced touch can trigger hours of anxiety and discomfort. What you have written is not "just fun". It is part of a systemic problem in our society. It is a problem that only Men can bring an end to. Real Men speaking out when their friends make rape jokes. Real Men standing up to childish men when they harass women. Real Men recognizing that just because something gives them a hard on, doesn't mean it's OK, or that it's cool to fantasize, write or joke about it. And it sure as HELL is NOT OK to act on it when it hurts another human in any way. The co-workers in this story (if they were real) should be in prison. In a just world, their fate would be much worse. If you can't think your way out of an attraction to rape stories, please seek professional help. It might be your own life you save.

So many women are gang raped. Many of them actually enjoy it but don't admit it. My wife was raped in a closet at work by a black guy who really roughed her up. She had 2 *******. She went into that closet with him several more times. Since then she has been raped 3 more times and now will not have sex with me. My small penis is just not enough for her now. Rape can change a woman for the good as well as for bad. Now last week, my 15 year old daughter was raped by two boys after school and she was not using any birth control. It will not surprise me if they get her pregnant. Surely they will rape her again. It would not surprise me if my wife lets them **** her too.

If you still have contact with those men I urge you to speak with each of them individually and privately and tell them how much grief this caused you wife for so many years and what utter ******** they were for doing such a thing and still passing themselves off as your friend. You should despise them and never speak to them again. As far as you are concerned, they no longer exist. I understand the erotic aspects of this and how that can affect you... but think of her and how she carried the memory of this experience in her mind and on her conscience for so many years. Think of the courage it took for her to take the risk of telling you this after all these years. I hope you took her in your arms and held her close and told her that you loved her and nothing could ever change that... I think that kind of reassurance from you would help her heal the hurt and put those bad memories behind her.

I have pictures of my wife with 3 black men. I ********** to them a lot.

Wow! love it!!!

Just about all of my black coworkers and one Puerto Rican had ****** my wife with my blessings. It started one night when I was called in to make repairs I always pulled up to the gas pump to fill my car, one of my black coworkers come out and said he would fill in for me while I was in making repairs my car and him and my wife disappeared. I knew exactly what was going to happen so I gave him a few minutes then went looking to see if he got in my wife which he did very well. I went back to finish making the repairs they came back about 45 min. later my wife had a big smile on her face so did my coworker. I got in my car to go home my wife asked me if anyone else wanted to **** her. I went back in the shop asked the guy that had just ****** my wife if any other guys wanted to **** her he said yes but we would have to shut the plant down while this happen because he wanted to watch of course so did I. It took a few minutes to shut the plant down as soon as it was quiet he called one of his black coworkers over and said a woman was looking to get ******. My wife was in the office I sent the men in their she got the ******* of her life. I had to account for the time the plant was down which was about an hour in my repair log everyone had a good time that night including my wife.

This is so hot! You are the right kind of guy. Getting your wife ****** like you can't do is true love.

strange. but reminds me of a work trip lodge meeting my wife went on and was to drunk to use her key..i often wonder and fantasize about what realy happend when a guy helped her unlock it. i guess a shot of tequilla and whisky soyr realy got her smashed, and i know how easy she is when she drinks..hmmm i wonder.

LOL. I'll bet you ********** thinking about that

Hot story, but only as a fantasy. I was raped by several of my close male friends, and it totally messed me up. After years of friendship, I couldn't even look at them after that. It was a total betrayal. Instead of being valued, I felt my FRIENDS, against my will. As a result, I have trust issues, and don't really bond with others. I also have desires for being forced, which is pretty messed up if you think about it rationally.<br />
<br />
If this story is real, how sad that your wife could not IMMEDIATELY come to you, and those @ssholes should have all been should have had a fit over this.<br />
<br /> like that people think your wife is a *****, and that you are a who cannot satisfy his wife? Also, what people do in the private lives is up to them, but how can you mix it with business? Seems like poor judgment to me.

very hot story,always had those fantasys

How are you handling this today and at work. Is she still having trouble with it.? Let her know it`s now over and in the past, which I am sure you have. Are you and she haveing other partners. would be iterested to see how the two of you are doing sexually after something like this

I was the manager of a manufacturing company that had several black men working on both shifts. My wife was a sex maniac I was too for that matter had become friendly with one of the blast man invited him to our home for supper after work when he arrived my wife had the skimpiest clothes she could find. <br />
<br />
After supper we retired to the living room I put on an X rating video after a few minutes until my wife to go sit next to I guess it didn't take him long to figure out what was going on the lips a lot together as they were working to get the lower parts of their bodies washed together as well which is the way any white husband should expect his wife to do.<br />
<br />
After that encounter the word jut out that the manufacturing facility that my wife was a ***** no one would talk to my face about it but everybody was talking to my back I also had a lot of new black friends and a few others.

You just did a big favor for your wife. Good guy!

WOW! I have been raped twice and it is not fun. I feel sorry for her. I know some men get turned off by rape descriptions and/or rape stories. But like it is said in the above comments, that rape is only fun it it's role-play. Sorry it happened to her.

Oh sorry, I pressed the down arrow by mistake, poivoi2002 is right on exactly! I could never face those men without rage in my heart.<br />
sorry for the mixup with rating

Wow, I don't know whether to cry or jerk off. So sad for her to have to have kept that inside for all this time. I don't agree with rape in any measure, but I do like it forced or play rape if the woman is liking it, but never against her will. I hope she thinks it's hot now.