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Young Mother Forced To Submit

My wife, Diane, says that she has been having "rape fantasies" ever since adolescence.  Experts tell us that this is a fantasy shared by a lot of women.  But my wife has always been a lot more sexually adventurous than the average woman.  Six months before our wedding I watched as my young fiancé fulfilled a naughty fantasy of mine, and spread her legs for my best friend in the backseat of my car as I drove.  They ****** like animals and filled the car with the lustful, and passionate sounds and smells of raw, unbridled, sex.  I loved watching my fiancé surrender to lust like that. It was unbelievably exciting to me.  Soon after we were married. I told Diane that she had my permission, and encouragement to take advantage of any sexual situation that might "come up", even if I wasn't around.  During our marriage my wife has taken me up on that offer many times. Even though I love it when I get the opportunity to watch my wife with other men, I also encouraged her to play "on her own", and on many occasions she would come home after a business trip, or just a night out at the bar, with an exciting story describing her naughty exploits.  Sometimes the adventures only consisted of some frantic groping, but other times she would come home with hickies on her breasts, and the unmistakable smell of sex between her legs. (We were married in 1981 long before AIDs was a concern.  In those days, Diane considered it a "badge of honor" when a man ********** inside her.  She thought of it as physical proof that a man considered her sexually attractive and desirable.)  I began to notice a pattern, as Diane would recount her adventures.  The more aggressive, and forceful a guy was, the more likely he would end up between Diane’s legs.  A "nice guy" might only get a hand job in the front seat, whereas an aggressive and dominant man would end up ******* Diane behind a dumpster. Most of all, my wife loved being "taken” and  "used" for a mans pleasure, she loved totally surrendering to lust, and how naughty and sexy this made her feel.  Her "partners" pleasure and experience was of the utmost importance, and she was perfectly satisfied with the overpowering lust and emotion brought on by surrendering to an aggressive male. 

When she was 26 years old, my wife had an encounter she wasn't expecting, or wanting.  It was a warm summers night and Diane had gone to a local bar with some girls from work.  As usual, she was braless, her sexy little ******* on display under her sheer pink tank top.  During the course of the night, a gregarious, Romanian guy in his late forties sat down at the girls’ table.  He started buying them drinks, and telling them humorous tales of his exploits.  Diane said that although he was kind of hairy, and ugly, he was also very funny and likable.  As the night wore on, Diane's coworkers departed, one by one, until only Diane and the Romanian were left at the table.  Diane was pretty drunk, and excepted Romanians offer to go out to the parking lot and smoke "a joint" with him in his van.  You can probably see where this story is going.  Diane had no desire or inclination whatsoever of having sex with this much older man.  At this point in her life, Diane was no prude.  She had ****** four guys, and done other naughty deeds with a handful of others. But on this warm night she was totally unaware that she was heading for trouble. Two years earlier we had a beautiful daughter, and at this point in time we were trying to conceive a sibling, so my wife had stopped taking her birth control pills.  Diane loves being a mom and was now directing her thoughts and efforts to achieving that goal.  There was plenty of time to be naughty again, after she was pregnant.  (Diane had not "played around" at all during her first pregnancy.  But she had recently warmed up to my suggestions of how naughty and sexy it would be for a pregnant, married woman to offer herself up to another man.)  But now, a couple of bad decisions, and her natural "flirty" behavior had put her into a serious situation that she wanted no part of.  The full tale of Diane's encounter with the Romanian is an exciting, involved, and psychologically complex story in itself, too long to go into detail here.  The crux of the story is that it eventually got to a point where he was forcing himself between her legs, holding her arms above her head, while she pleaded that she wasn't on birth control, was married, and begged him to stop.  She was struggling, but was wary of doing something that might provoke him to violence.  Then she felt the heat of his **** head against her inner thigh, thrusting and pushing forward until it was eventually throbbing, and touching the entrance of her vagina.  At this point the Romanian stopped thrusting and used just enough pressure to keep his hot, bulbous **** head firmly pushed against this young mothers hot, pink, *****.  Diane slowly stopped struggling as lust started to quickly sweep over her.  Her legs parted slightly, allowing the big Romanian to readjust his position, for the perfect angle to push into her, maintaining firm pressure against her soft slit but going no farther.  This guy obviously had the age and experience to know exactly what he was doing, and I'm sure he could sense that this young wife had submissive urges she was unable to fully control.  My wife was now panting, her vagina swollen and lubricated in anticipation of the inevitable.  Then the Romanian then asked my young wife, "What do you want me to do?"  The immense enormity and consequence of this simple question turned into a head game, taking my wife by surprise. A new wave of lust overtook her,  she moaned…..ohhh god…… and gave the stranger the answer he was waiting for by spreading her legs obediently, and wantonly, inviting him to take her fully, fiercely, and unprotected. Immediately after the occurrence, Diane felt a tremendous sense of guilt and shame about what happened.  In the past she had always been totally honest and open about her intimate thoughts and deeds after having sex with other men.  But this time she felt like she had somehow betrayed her family, since there was a real chance that surrendering to her lust may have allowed a complete stranger to impregnate her. It was a weird experience for me too. I found myself extremely excited that my slutty, young wife had been taken in this way by an ugly, old, dominant, stranger. I was also very scared about the fact that she might be pregnant by him, and tried not to think about it, though in my horny moments, I sometimes found this, too, disturbingly exciting.  We were both extremely relieved when Diane’s period finally arrived. It wasn’t until after that reassurance that Diane felt comfortable enough to go into graphic detail about every little thing that happened that night. Diane said the sex was rough and animalistic. She admitted that she let him take her back to his friends cabin where he eventually made this young, married, mother, beg to be ****** one more time before returning home to her husband and daughter. (She said she thought that since he had already *** in her, she figured one more time wouldn’t make a difference…… I think it would, I’d be interested about others opinions on this fact…) Eventually, over time, she recounted all of her intimate feelings, both physically, and mentally, until eventually admitting that she couldn’t stop fantasizing about being “taken” like that by a forceful, dominant man.  She admitted that it had been the most intense, and exciting night of sex she had ever experienced! As time went by, it became very apparent that the encounter had greatly impacted both of us, and it eventually became a topic of countless naughty conversations and fantasies for us during sex.  After her pregnancy, Diane continued to have sexual trysts with other men. They never seemed to be quite dominant, or aggressive enough to fulfill the fantasies that we both longed for.  (This was long before there was an Internet; I can imagine how easy it would be these days to find that type of man for her.)  Four years after her encounter with the Romanian, we were sitting at home getting pretty "buzzed" on vodka and Coke.  The topic of her "rape fantasy" came up, and it gave me an idea.  What if I set up a mock "rape" for her, one where she wouldn't know where or when it would happen?  How could I convince a guy that Diane really wanted it, how could it work?  Diane was intrigued by this idea so I gave her a pen and paper, and had her draw up a little contract.  This is what I had her write down:


I, Diane *****,


Agree to submit to the sexual whims of any man or men, enlisted by my husband to have sexual relations with me.


I acknowledge that this includes rape, but is not to include pain, or S&M.


The secret code word that shall be used to gain sexual access with me is  "**********"


Enjoy!!!!!   J


       Diane *****      3-01-89


(I did not tell her to include the smiley face!)   Having that piece of paper in my hand was incredibly exciting to me.  The implication had all kinds of possibilities, and for the next couple of days exciting scenarios were constantly racing through my head.  A few days later I typed out an addendum to go along with Diane's handwritten invitation. This addendum gave more detailed instructions and information, the kind of things that would be required for this really to happen.  This is what I typed out:


Congratulations!  You are holding in your hand, an open invitation to experience an incredible sexual adventure with my lovely wife, Diane.


The attached handwritten document entitles the man, or men, in possession of it, permission, and encouragement, to have sex with my wife, Diane * *****. This sexual encounter shall occur by surprise, and by force, and may happen at any time, or place, as long as the use fits within the guidelines stated below.


The stipulations are, as stated in the attached hand written document, that there be no pain, or S&M involved in the sexual acts, and that no physical harm comes to Diane. The use of physical restraints is permitted, as long as they do not inflict any pain or harm. Permission is also granted for Diane to be taken, or transported to another location after initial contact, but the total timeframe for this encounter may be no longer than four hours. All participants may not have any sexually transmittable diseases that they are aware of, and by participating in this encounter; they hereby certify that they attest to this fact.  This entitlement has no expiration date, but is only valid for one encounter, and upon completion of that encounter, the invitation becomes null and void.  The secret code word, ***************, must be given to Diane immediately upon initial contact, to claim the sexual access with her that is promised in the attached document. This will provide her with the knowledge that this is not a dangerous attack, but the culmination of her expressed fantasy, becoming reality.   These fantasies include being taken by surprise, aggressively, and roughly, by a stranger, or strangers, and forced to perform, and/or submit to any and all sexual acts in an encounter, simulating a rape. Once the secret code word is given to her, Diane will respond with the phrase, “I can’t believe this is happening.” This code phrase is to assure the bearer of this entitlement that she is a willing and consensual participant in this sexual game. Diane also understands and requests that once the secret code words are exchanged, any, and all protests, pleads or struggles that she may present, are to be construed as “acting out her fantasy”, and are to be disregarded by her “attacker/s.”  This is an important aspect for her expressed fantasy to be truly realized, and she has fully weighed the consequences of this unusual request.





The other purpose for this document is to help alleviate any fears, or apprehension that the bearer/bearers, may have, concerning any legal retribution for their actions. It shall be clear to law enforcement and the courts that any, and all, activity that falls within the boundaries set forth within this document, and the attached handwritten document, shall be viewed as solicited and totally consensual, and we release the bearer/bearers of these documents from any and all liabilities whatsoever.


I certify, and witness that the attached document was hand written by my wife, Diane * *****, and I certify that my wife has entered this contract willingly, without coercion.

 I freely grant my personal permission, and strong encouragement, for the bearer/bearers of this document to carry out and fulfill the above stated sexual rape fantasies of my wife, Diane * *****, in any manner that falls within the boundaries previously described in this document.






David * *****    3-05-89



I had so much fun composing that document.  I worked on it for days making changes and adding things on a yellow legal pad.  I had pages and pages of changes and additions.  When I was at work I would be constantly thinking about refinements and scenarios that needed addressing.  Every time I worked on it, my **** would be throbbing with excitement as I pictured my wife being confronted.  As the document became more complex, the fantasy seemed to become more real.  I was a little concerned that Diane might "chicken out", but I didn't need to worry.  When I was finally done with the revisions, Diane typed it out for me.  (These were the days before computers, and I was a lousy typist! Thank goodness for computers and voice-recognition software, or you would not be reading this right now!) When Diane handed me the final draft it was a thrilling moment.  After reading it through she asked me if it looked OK.  I told her it looked perfect.  She then handed me a pen and said, "Then go ahead and sign your wife away!"  God, I don't think I can convey how sensual that simple act was for me as I took the pen from her, signing my name on the bottom.  Diane then took my hand and led me to the bed and we made love without saying a word.  It was like we were consummating the contract, and the sex was very emotional, and satisfying. It was constantly thrilling for me, just having that document in my possession.  I remember one time; a buddy told me that he had received a coupon for a free *******, “any time”, from his wife on their anniversary.  I wanted so badly to tell him, "Oh yeah, guess what I've got!” I also had a lot of fun teasing Diane and insinuating that I had given the certificate to everyone from our next-door neighbor to the local high school football team!  The fact is, I never did give that certificate away.  I came really close one time, I had a coworker over at the house one Saturday and we were both pretty drunk on beer.  Diane only knew the guy by name, and I thought he might be a pretty good candidate.  I had even gone so far as to remove the document from its locked cabinet and hid it under some newspapers for easy access, but the guy left before I could work up the nerve to proposition him.  A couple weeks later I was sure glad I hadn't gone through with it, when I heard him unabashedly gossiping about another coworker's personal business.  Even though I have never used it, I've had a ton of enjoyment, and many ******* in response to just knowing that I still have the option to give it away.  Because if you look closely, you'll see that there is no expiration date!

Later on in life, my wife met a guy named Jeff, at a yearly out of town trade show that she would attend for work.

They had a hot night of sex, and hooked up each year after that at the show for a couple nights of intense *******. Jeff was a pretty dominant guy, and knew that she would return home, and tell her horny husband about their encounters. One year, a couple of weeks before the trip, I badgered Diane, until she agreed to call Jeff, and tell him that she promised her husband that she would give herself totally to Jeff, and be his personal **** for the entire stay. Jeff did a great job of taking control of my naughty wife. After she got back, Diane admitted that at first she was apprehensive, but liberal amounts of vodka helped her to release her inhibitions, and lose herself in choking, controlling, overwhelming, lust. That was exciting. but nothing yet, has been able to top the excitement of Diane’s surrender to the dominant Romanian. I still possess her rape contract, so who knows what’s in store!   



davidsstyle davidsstyle 51-55, M 9 Responses Jan 31, 2010

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Cancel MUST be a lawyer!....Contracts and all. Wouldn't introducing a little pain into the scenario be fun also? Spanking...maybe a stern whipping with a belt? I could see Diane tied hands and feet but to a loose rope...perhaps in the ceiling. She would be suspended at a height that she couldn't stand straight or kneel either. Then the whipping would begin...slowly...she would writhe in pain as the belt smacked her ***. She would rotate slowly so we can see her face, swollen with tears flowing then...SMACK...right across her breasts...she would spin away trying to protect her breasts from further attack but still shield herself from another painful lash. Of course...she couldn't. Soon, she would be speaking through muffled cries that she's ready....ready...willing....and EAGER....for a forcible throat *******, one that would choke and gag her but would be a lot more exciting than being whipped...LOL

Brilliant story!!! Totally sums up the fact that eroticism and sexual enjoyment is mainly in the head.
My wife's similar experience was with a much older man, a relative, who could get inside her head (as well as her ****!) and make her do things, and become totally sexual far better than I can. Some of it was the authority aspect (she was young, he was late forties, poss fifty), and there wasn't the restrictions that a full-tme relationship (marriage!) places on the sexual side.............she could just go to him for sex, for a quick poke, for a long afternoon of getting used (abused?in a HOT way) and being filled with his come (it was always bareback and he would come in her mouth or on her **** if it was her 'fertile' time).
I suppose my fantasies of her going with other guys is trying to re-capture for her (or me??) some of what she experienced all those years ago. - anyway, good story!!!

I found your story so sexy and scary, my husband taught me that it was his right to give permission for other men to use me at times.<br />
<br />
I have never wanted another man, and I could never be brave enough, like your lovely wife was, to go out clubbing and find other men, but my husband was content when I learned not to struggle too much when one of his friends made a pass at me <br />
<br />
I see from your comments that there are other men out there who have also enjoyed your story and who also feel the same<br />
<br />
love Tina

Excellent story, very well written. Love the psychological twists- this is to a large extent about what's going on inside her head.

I had a similar fantasy and acted it out with a number of 'friends' at a motel. Turned out to be a helluva great time for everyone, particularly my wife. Never did have a contract like yours though and I think that's as hot as actually following through. Great story...

I have this fantasy also but i think that it will remain just that. It makes me horny when I think about my wife in a similar position where she is taken by someone and mated. I have had the snip so there will be no more issue from my loins but it is still possible for her to become pregnant with another man.<br />
<br />
Why do we toment ourselves so?

Believe me, the realization that there was a pretty good chance that she could be pregnant from her night of indiscretion with the Romanian caused tremendous guilt in my wife, and a roller coaster of emotions for myself. Mostly I was scared shitless, but every so often I couldn't help from being aroused from the overwhelming sluttiness of my fertile wife allowing a dominant male to mate with her. Even though we were both scared, we did have a lot of hot, intense sex before we fortunately found out Diane wasn't pregnant. An interesting life experience, I don't think I want to repeat.

Really hot story, thanks.<br />
<br />
Was your second child a product of the total domination by the Romanian?<br />
<br />
Keep having fun, but be safe.

Good idea using the "contract" to protect the males, but it kind of defeats the purpose of her not knowing or having any say in the matter if you use a code word to gain sexual access.... I think it would be a better idea for you to have her write the contract out and have the husband write the "permission slip" for each male he contacts to fulfill this fantasy with. Make sure that the mock "rapist" has both, a copy of her contract and the permission slip from the husband, for his protection. <br />
<br />
Doing it this way keeps the full helpless feeling in her and makes it seem more realistic.<br />
<br />
I hope you continue having fun and she keeps on enjoying herself... I would like to meet a couple like you to play with someday as well. ... thank you for sharing and keep enjoying life...

Diane did write out a simple contract by hand and signed it, which was meant to be given to the man or men I chose to "take" her. It simply said "I, Diane *****, Agree to submit to the sexual whims of any man or men, enlisted by my husband to have sexual relations with me.
I acknowledge that this includes rape, but is not to include pain, or S&M. The secret code word that shall be used to gain sexual access with me is "**********" Enjoy!!!!! Diane ***** " I figured that since it was in her own handwriting it would lead more credence and confidence for the men involved, regarding any legal ramifications of the act. In addition to Diane's handwritten contract, the man or men would also be given the signed contract I wrote out, basically granting my permission for them to "take" Diane by force. I think this is similar to what you are suggesting, although taking your comments into consideration I agree that I probably should also have her signature on my contract, maybe along the lines of "I have read and agree with all the terms set forth in the above contract" In retrospect, I realize I also need to add a clause stating that the permission to take Diane is only valid for the man or men originally enlisted by me.

You stated " It kind of defeats the purpose of her not knowing or having any say in the matter if you use a code word to gain sexual access." I totally understand what you are saying and struggled with this. Diane has confessed to having strong rape fantasies ever since she was a teenager. This has been her prominent fantasy during ************ throughout her life. Shortly after we were married she confessed that she truly believed that if she was legitimately raped by a stranger, even if he was old, fat, or ugly, it wouldn't take her long before she was aroused, then totally consumed by lust from the situation. But this is just her speculation, and I couldn't help but think that if she was actually grabbed by a stranger on the street and pulled into a dark alley she would have no idea of what his true intentions were. Rape might not be the fear in this situation, bodily harm or death might be the thoughts running through her head. I definitely wanted her fantasy to be realized without fears of bodily harm getting in the way. The codeword was meant to alleviate this fear, basically the same as if he said "I'm the guy your husband chose to rape you!" It still doesn't mitigate the fact that she was going to be forcibly taken by a complete stranger. (It could also prevent her from seriously injuring some poor guy before she realizes that he's not really a bad guy) Her response to the codeword "I can't believe this is happening" was basically meant for the peace of mind of her attacker. This way he knows she actually consents to the act, and he is not some unfortunate pawn who has been tricked into raping some lady. I never fully considered the fact that this also gives Diane an "out". This is not what I intended and is unfair to both her fantasy, and the guy enlisted to "take" her. I think maybe I could make a video of me discussing the situation with Diane, something I could show them before hand so they could see with their own eyes that this women is a true participant in this situation, and wants it to happen. I could then eliminate the opportunity for her to stop the situation. Thanks for your suggestions!