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My Wife's First Taste Of Another Man's ***,

I started taking Sindy to **** theaters to get her used to watching **** knowing that she was the only female in the theater and that other men were looking at her.  I kept telling her that most of the men in there were watching the movie and her. I assured her that they were ******* her in their minds.  After about three or four months I made sure that we sat close to one of the men in the theater that I thought would be or was actually jacking off. I enter the isle and stop for a moment, forcing her to be directly in front of the man. I didn't pause long just enough for him to say anything or to actually touch her ***, just long enough to make her very uncomfortable.  I stooped shortly after passing the man making her sit three seats from him with her being between him and me. She objected and would try to sit on the other side of me but I would not allow this. He must have understood what I was doing or just had enough balls to whip out his **** and start beating it. He was making more noise than I would have expected unless he wanted her to hear and watch what he was doing. Then and there I knew he knew what I wanted him to do.
She had to sit there and hear and smell the guy jack off and ***. I knew that she could see what he was doing and in the beginning when he actually did ***, she would wrench and act as though she was going to vomit.  She got over this fairly soon since I took her there at least two times each week. Sometimes as many as three times a week, making her watch any and everything the guys were doing to themselves. Since the movies are about four hours each, it allowed me to move her around in the theater to allow her to actually watch other guys jack off and ***. She kind of got used to being made to watch and the smells of other mens *** as it shoots out of their ****.  The guys knew she was watching and many of them actually put on a show for her to disgust her even more.  We got to be regulars in the theater and I was beginning to notice the same guys would show up to ******** for her. Some of them even went as far as to talk to her while they did it.  Making her talk to them made her even more uncomfortable which was my goal all along.
After about four months I started making her take her bra off before we entered the theater. She was confused at first, but after the first time I made her unbutton her blouse she knew what I was doing to her. She complained that she did not want to expose herself to these men but I made her do it each time we went there. She got used to it within a few weeks. I allowed them to watch her open her blouse while I was fingering her *****. The guys knew what I was doing and it did actually turn Sindy on after she resigned herself to the fact that she was going to be forced to do what I wanted.
Her first physical contact came after I had one of my friends,that she did not know, come into the theater after we had been seated. He came down the row we were sitting in and sat to the left of Sindy. I thought she was going to jump right out of the seat. He sat down looked at her making some rude comments. She tried to cover her **** but I removed her hand and told her not to touch her blouse. She looked at me and whispered that she did not want the guy sitting next to her to see her this way. I told her not to worry that he has seen **** before. She once again tried to cover her **** but I reached over and uncovered her **** once again and told her if she covered them again that I would take her blouse off completely.  She began to cry but she sat there and knowingly allowed the other guy to take a very good look at both of her ****.  After a short time he whipped out his **** and began to jack off. Sindy turned her head towards me. I knew that she could hear him moaning as he stroked his ****. I told her to watch what he was doing but she refused so I forced her head back around.  Next my friend did something I did not expect. He reach over and took her hand and pulled it over and placed it on his **** and told her to hold it. She jerked her hand back only to have him pull her hand back and repeat his demand only this time with much more force. I leaned over to Sindy and told her not to fight it just do what he wants. I saw one of his hand reach up and cup her left ***. He then told her to jack him off. She froze but soon began the up and down movement of her hand on his ****. She worked him until he shot a big load straight up and then it came back down all over her hand. She jerked her hand off of his **** sitting there not knowing what to do with the *** on her hand. She asked to be excused to go to the bathroom. My friend told her no and forced her hand to her face and wiped it all over her face. I am sure that some of it went into her mouth since he made sure that he rubbed her hand across her mouth. She started to spit but he put his hand over her mouth and told her to enjoy it. She whined and fought but he was to strong for her. She went limp allowing him to put more into her mouth. He told her "swallow it all *****", She did as she was told and this was her first actual taste of another man's ***. 

Deeprover Deeprover 41-45, M 13 Responses Jan 31, 2010

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Hot thanks for sharing :) lq1bp m

Mmmmm nice. I love **** theatres. I've been gang banged in **** theatres twice, its such a turn on

Yes but then again, I might do it just for fun. The problem is you do not know what you could have happen to you in one of those dark adult sex shows with guys jacking off all areound you. Might be fun.

Oh yes, I am not married yet.


Spousal abuse--if it were true.

I found your story so sexy and very scary as in many ways it was like part of my "training"<br />
<br />
I was only 16 when we were married, my hubby was a lot older, and he said it was his right to let other men enjoy me when he wanted<br />
<br />
I remember that visit to an adult cinema and that first creepy old man who mauled me as I was forced to stroke his slimy **** in my trembling hand, but it pleased my hubby so much and he stil demands that I tel him about it in bed some nights<br />
<br />
love Tina

How sad. She must have very low self-esteem to allow you to manipulate her in such a way, and the longer she stays with you, the worse it will get for her. What a man. All I can feel is sorrow.

Well I guess you are right. It will and has gotten worse for her (in your way of thinking) and so very much better for me. I have made her totally submissive and I think all women should be this way as it would make their lives so much better. Sorry your not this way but time will remady this if the right man gets ahold of you. Thanks for your comments anyway.

oh yeah my ***** dripping at the thought of this story

i wud luv to jack off on an unwilling woman and feel her **** and rub my **** and balls and *** all over her face while her husband makes her stay still till im finished! i luv using totally submissive women.

i want to be ur friend too! im jacking off right now thinking of doing that to ur wife!

And I would love to watch you do this to her. She would fight it but never never wins. I love allowing other men watch me **** Sindy and afterwards telling her that she was the star that night. She would laugh and say things like " in your dreams" but more than once she heard heavy breathing but did not want to findout if someone was actually there. I know she knows she has been watch often. I have taken her out to restrurants with no panties on and made her spread her legs wide so the guys across the isle could see up under the table. Once a guy came over to the table and told her it was a nice sight under the table. She got so embarassed that she tried to close her legs but I made her spread them wider and rise her skirt up even higher so they could see it all. She begged but did as she was told. The guys really got a charge out of it and so did I. I love to show her off.

It is nice to train your wife.

Thanks johns6 for you thoughts. She does not like the taste of *** but will drink all shot into her mouth when told to drink it. I really enjoy watching her swallow it.

Well, it made me horny and turned me on just thinking about it happening. Still, I guess it sort of runs against my grain to "force" anyone. To me it would have been a lot more fun if she at least half way liked the ideas. To each his own.