Not undergarments, but a very sexy animal print baby doll nightdress and matching panties. Some years ago I was out shopping with my wife just the usual Saturday browsing when we came across a little underwear shop in an off the beaten track arcade.

Browsing the rails we hit upon some very revealing nightwear. My wife's eye hit upon a little animal print set. The nightie, was very flimsy very short with a split up the front to the waist in an A shape a little pair of panties completed the outfit.

It was one size smaller than my wife's usual size, but she was very keen on it and so was I so we called over a sales assistant an elderly man to ask if other sizes in stock. He disappeared into the stock room only to reappear a short time later frowning it was the very last one.

The old guy suggested my wife try it on actually ushering her and I to the rear of the shop where there was a small changing cubicle with a loose curtain door.

I had to coerce her to try it on with the help of the sales assistant. My wife entered the changing room, the old guy closed the curtain and waited with me. After a while the curtain was drawn back and my wife had on the outfit. She had completely ********, the outfit as intended left very little to the imagination. She was a picture of loveliness the old guys eyes sparkled at the sight of her.

I think she was surprised to see him, expecting only me to be waiting and she did the best she could at covering her bits with her hands but he must have got a real eyeful of her.
Williamsmall Williamsmall
56-60, M
Aug 27, 2014