But It May Take Some Time!

This has been my fantasy for a while and I have talked about it quite a bit on EP through stories and friends. I've had time to reflect and I've listened to what other people have said - the most pertinent of which was 'be careful what you wish for'.

My wife knows nothing of my desire and would probably be shocked. I know (again through advice from people on EP) that I need to broach the subject with her at some point.

We currently live overseas with my job and that will come to an end in about a year. We are thinking about emigrating to Australia or NZ and if we do this it will be on my wife's ticket - she is a Clinical Psychologist and would score lots of points towards a work visa. If we go, the balance in our relationship is bound to change anyway. She would be the key wage earner and I would have to look after the house and kids - at least initially. This would obviously be a good way to initiate her into perhaps sissifying me.

The main problem is that my wife doesn't realise her own power. She is attractive and can come across as very assertive and powerful - but she doesn't use that. She doesn't realise that I would be quite prepared for her to take over the dominant role in our relationship and that I already worship her beyond her understanding. I need to bring that understanding out and make her realise how powerful she can become.

I hope then, that she will become my Mistress and I will become her Sissy maid. I'm sure if that happens, given the fact she would be working and I would be staying at home, that it would only be a matter or time (with some hints from me) before she turned my into a cuckold as well.

I can't wait - but I think I am going to have to.

I will still welcome advice from other Cuckoldresses, Mistresses, or Sissy cuckolds - let me know what you think.
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If you tell her this is what you want she will probably tell you to go to hell. You need to show her by your deeds how it benefits her. Start by doing all the housework, give her foot massages and turn over the tv remote. Eventually she will see the benefit.

You know what Jessica, your thoughts reflect soo much my own, but I am already a step ahead. I have talked to my wife and told her that I would like it very much if she´d feminise me. She knows that in fact she wears the pants because she is since years the breadwinner but she keep being nice and nice and nice. She is so vanilla that she doesn´t even know how to spell dominant or power. She and I are not on the same page and her taking another man would be unthinkable. Lol, even if I offered him on a silverplate and naked with a hardon!!!

i sould love for wife ot cuck me but she will not my **** small im lock in chastity dress in panties<br />
she does not care ot have sex with me an she does not have lover<br />
i wish so much that she take one an i have ot clean him an her out of his *** after love to be there for both them

Thank you Alice - that sounds like a good strategy and is something that has been hovering around the edge of my mind I think - you've clarified and phrased it nicely.<br />
<br />
I will see what I can do (patiently and persistently)..