Paying The Rent

We were behind on rent last month. The landlord came to collect. When we didn't have it he eyed my petite mature wife and said he'd take a ***** tease as payment. He said that or eviction. He pulled down his pants and sat as she reluctantly began. Unbuttoning her blouse then peeling down her jeans. He made her remove her pink sheer bra then panties. He made her turn and bend over. He squeezed her big boobs while he stroked faster. He sucked her nipple as he came on her leg. He hasnt asked again, but 2 of his friends came over later to collect more payment and made her dance nude for a half hour until they came on her ****.
kowfred kowfred
3 Responses Jan 14, 2013

This gal sure saved the day. Get some pics next time!!

lucky guy to have your wife pay the rent bet you enjoyed watching it all , i would have

She must have really taken good care of the landlord. Fantastic way to cover for rent. Maybe I might have to come over to collect a debt

She rode his **** when he insisted. We'll tell her I owe u a lot and u want her to pay.

I owe u a lot of money and u and ur friends are going to hurt me if she doesnt pay my debt, and pay hard? Will you really work her?

I will throw her legs over my shoulder and drilll her hard and deep. Pounding her ***** until she **** and then fill her full

Wow make her beg u to slow down, but dont slow down. Bring friends.

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