Wife's Best Friend

Sad but, I love my wife's best friend and we are so much more compatible than me and my wife.  It sucks I should stay away to keep from slipping up, but we have such a good time together I don't know what to do!

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1 Response Feb 14, 2010

Well, I tried staying away from her, but the other day we had plans to go to aquarium with the kids but my wife was not feeling well. So instead of canceling and disappointing the kids, we went without my wife. Her husband never comes. Well we had a fantastic time! But I could not help but feel like this is how it should be when I'm out with my wife. Helpful, fun, caring to each other. Watching each other smile at our kids having a good time. But catching each other smiling at the kids you could tell we we both looking and enjoying each others enjoyment. Wow that's kind of hard to describe. I'm now 99% sure we both feel the same way and would love to be taking care of each other and not our crappy spouses! Ugh what to do! It was kind of confirmed when we both made it a point to let each other know we had a fantastic time but also agreed doing it very offer would not be a good idea. Neither of us explained but I'm pretty sure we agree on why we really should not do it often!
But I solo long to do it again, it has left me feeling more lonely and unapriciated than ever! What to do!?

Yup, still the same! We basically just stay away from each other. However, that may change soon as the kids may play a sport together which may force us to hang out again. Not sure how I feel about that.