Make Them Happy

I glanced at some of the stories here and I am sure they are mostly the same as mine.  If she has a fantasy she wants to fulfill it I'm willing.  My wife probably has the advantage over some of the women here because of her previous life style.  She has had multiple partner sex numerous times, exotic location sex, pampered sex (a lot ot that from me)  I once  had sex with her all day and it resulted in her having 12 ******* in a 10 hour period.  I have given her some ******* where she literally shook uncontrolably.  She did her first cam show a while back  and soaked 3 blankets her ****** was so intense.  She has talked about wanted to do multiple partner sex again.  She just has to decide the who and the where.  If she wants, I provide, participate or watch whatever she wants.

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My wife and I share a similar lifestyle. We have had many encounters with multiple partners.

Sounds like a Very Hot Wife you have, you are so lucky to have one that is so sexual and wanting more ****! I would *** in my pants if my wife said that to me.