I Love It When My Woman Feeds Me.

I always loved the intimacy of looking deep in her eyes while she puts food in my mouth. I always loved that, with my wife of many years, and, as described elsewhere, with the new woman that I found. With her there is this magic moment when this happens because she too loves this. Our first dinner when we were just meeting on a date for the first time, she started taking the fork and spoon and fed me. Soon she offered the calamari to me from her beautiful lips and we shared our beer by me giving her and she giving me a mouth full in a wonderful kiss. This is our special thing ever since.

When it comes to drinks this is standard for us, wherever we are, at home or restaurant I drink from her kiss she from mine. Almost always.

When we are alone, we eat on the bed, we have one plate and one glass. I lie on a few pillows like the Romans, I make a backrest for her with my legs, I embrace and touch her with my hands, and stare at her in adoration. She handles the food and feeds me by silverware or many times by her taking the bite first and then feeding me with her mouth from paradise. I have pushed it a little farther and increasingly I ask her to chew my food first, I love when it is all wet and soft and warm from her mouth. It's heaven for me.

Initially all of this was a bit stressful because we did it both and we both have a bit of a silly thing going on where we get upset when the other isn't dividing the food and drink fairly. I have completely put all of this into her hands now and I take whatever she feeds me. I don't care what and how much as long as it is from her. It's paradise for me. And she too found peace this way because for her it is most important that she can feed me, she likes me feeding her from time to time too but more important to her is to feed me.

If it was just for that, we are a perfect match. I feel how even when we have been agitated and even when we have fought shortly before, by sticking to this routine, we calm down and get close and loving with each other.She and I absolutely love this. We love it both so much, for this alone we feel like soul mates in these moments.

Often we have talked about the joy that we find in this. And we asked ourselves if we are unique that way. I kind of guess that many men would like this. But I don't know, she didn't think so.
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A point of clarification: I am slim and so is she, I do not want to be fattened like a pig. I just love to eat the normal quantity of food from her mouth. Actually the good thing is, we're so busy with other physical pleasures that it help prevent overeating!

I'm really curious to know if anyone else out there has similar experience. May be it is after all a unique thing between us. But please leave a me too comment if you can identify with this. Thank!!

Well in a more sexual way I think it is really hot when my wife feeds me my precum, and whispers that she really wants me to **** her good and clean her out again as she really *** a lot when I do this.