I Dare You

A twist! Here is a dare for anyone reading this to do, a dare for the whole group if they indeed dare to dare. Comment your story if you do it :)

"Accidentally" lock yourself out naked but for a towel. Pre-hide a key as far away as you dare, try and be as daring as possible. Before you get to the key, the towel must drop at least once. Finally, after retrieving the key, you may not reenter your home while the towel is still on. You may collect it after having gone inside, though you must still be unclothed when do you so and may not use it to cover up. Enjoy!
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1 Response May 13, 2012

I did this before I was married and only had a roommate. I didn't use a towel though. We lived in an apartment that was three stories and your doors were inside in a hallway. The doors would shut behind you because they had springs or something. They were hard to open but would close on their own. Anyway, my roommate and I were drinking one day and she dared me to go to our neighbors and say I stepped out to get my mail which was right next to our doors and it shut. I was supposed to ask to use the phone to call my room mate at work to come back and let me in. My roommate wasnt at work though she was in our apartment. I did it and waited maybe 15 or 20 minutes for my roommate to come down to his place because it was supposed to look like she was at work. It was embarrasing but by the time she showed up it was not so bad. he let me use his phone and we sat on the couch and watched tv and talked. I do remember sitting there crossing my legs to try and cover up some. It's wierd what alcohol will talk you into. I don't think I could do that now if I had to.

Now that would be something great to see. Yes, even now!

you're sweet

Awesome story, well done :)