Would Love Dares For My Girlfriend!

Well I'm looking for some dares. Keep in mind where we live its winter so limited to what we can and cannot do outside. I have a car with a sun roof I would like to take advantage of soon. Feel free to be creative and will keep you posted on what we accomplish!
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1 Response Jan 13, 2013

I know it is brutal cold in there so nude outdoors is out. One suggestion is have her wear a butt plug , esp the one with a "jewel" end, along with a short, short skirt. Go to a mall and have her ride escalators and you stay a few steps below to enjoy the show. She could discreetly bend when safe to do so. Remember not to linger too long in the same place. They have security cameras.
She could wear a vibrating egg in her ***** & while walking or sitting down ( say at food court ) let it fall out in clear view. Have her pick it up & either put it away ( more easily doable or, if she is really daring, push it up under her skirt back inside her *****.