Can Anyone Top This?

Once, back when I was 17 and a senior in high school, I was at my house with my best friend. It was a rather warm night, and we were both very comfortable with our bodies, and my door was locked, so we were both sitting naked in my room. Well, one event lead to another, we started playing truth or dare, and she eventually dared me to find a way to exit my house without my parents catching me, and run to our school in the nude, which was about 1.5 miles away. I would then have to re-enter the house without my parents catching me. Well... I went for it because I'm a pretty courageous girl, I figured "Why the hell not?" 

My friend put her clothes on and held mine, and I thought up my plan. I got out of my house by opening my door, looking to make sure no one was in the hallway, and going into my older sister's room. Her window is in a spot where I could get out onto the roof, ease myself slowly toward the garage, and jump down from the garage roof to the ground. Well, I did just that with her following me closely. I then had to sneak past the slider doors on the side of my house that lead to my living room, because my parents were in that room. I basically crawled along the bottom, praying neither of my parents would see my naked butt in the air, and I did it. From there, I got onto the sidewalk, and ran. I was SO pumped, bursting with energy, I ran pretty fast.  My friend was keeping up with me and about 12 cars passed by us. 4 honked. Well, I made it there, turned around and ran back. I even cut through some backyards as a shortcut hahahah. Then one more additional part to the dare was added, my friend said I had to moon my parents by pressing my bare butt up against the slider door without them still noticing. I waited for them to turn their heads, and I did it. Yep, did it, my *** touched that glass for a full 5 seconds and then I bolted to the shed, got our ladder, and got back into my room. My heart was pounding and I couldn't have been more proud. I was also quite thirsty. Since I already did the dare, I added my own step, I walked down to my fridge nude to get a soda. You shoulda SEEN the look my mom and dad gave me. I just smiled and went back to my room. My parents chewed me out later about it, but it was quite worth it. They still don't know I mooned them.

TO ANYONE WHO READ THIS, and has a similar living situation with mine, I dare YOU. Escape your house naked, run somewhere far, moon your parents, and get back in all without being caught. The naked fridge raid is optional ;)

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I used to go out nude at night when I was in high school, but not to be nude. I would jerk off and then go back inside. I ran into my mother once, and it was an awful feeling.

that is big fun - when I was your age I had a several lengthy round town naked experiences (and others more recently) - though without the parent bits!

Wonderful story - me and some friends (male and female) did a run round the block one night - loads of people saw us, but it seems nobody reported us to the police, so all was well :)

Wish I could :(

I want to run naked once, but I live in the outskirts of town, and I don't want to run in the dark near the woods.

Great story. I have had to run around my block naked at night - I'm worried I'll get caught, but I think it would be hot to get caught too!

great story!

You are right; I can't top this. When I was in high school my parents had a pool and I used to skinny dip in it lots. [It had a high provacy fence, so the neighbors couldn't see anything.] It started when no one else was home, but, sure enough, one day my mom got home early and caught me. She was a little pissed, but didn't really do anything, so that only stopped me for about a week. As the summer went on a got caught several more times, enough so that she started joking about it. Eventually I just went ahead and skinny dipped when she was home. Even when she would come out, I just continued swimming. By now Dad and my brothers (no sisters) knew, so I decided everybody was cool, and never wore a suit at all, even when they were all there. It was great and felt so much more natural. By the end of the summer I even managed to swim nude when she had people over and not get into any trouble.

Great story. I once was in a nude race. Funny how fast you can run when you arw afraid your clothes might be gone whe.n you get back

Amazing story, impressive dare

if i do your dare i will end dead or in jail

What kind of dare did you give your girlfriend after you did that. I bet you had a good one for her. Tell us about it. Would love to be added to your circle

I've taken a nude walk around the street at 3 am one morning. I did take some trunks as a back up, in case I discovered a police car.

I liked the story and when I was reading the part about you going to get something out of the fridge, that made me LOL. I do not have the courage to try anything like what you did. I have been naked in the yard at night a few times, walked through the woods naked, and skinny dipped in the swimming pool several times, but that is about all I am willing to try lol. <br />
<br />
Also every time I want to be naked inside of the house, I have to wait until I am home all alone and at the moment I have a couple of hours before anyone else will be home, so I am taking advantage of my time that I have right now lol.

This is such an awesome experience, well done baby, so daring and so beautifully executed.<br />
Very impressed and jealous that we couldn't play your games together.<br />

Wow I stand corrected this is right up there with your trip with your friend and going to the neighbors house. I have a similar living situation with my folks, so I will take your dare but try to remind me when spring comes around, as it 20-30 during the day and 0-10 at night thanks to all the snow here in Minnesota. <br />
<br />
I will try to step it up though and get one of my friends to join me, a girl of course there are a few that would do it with me and one pretty much owes me for pulling a prank on me (In the Country, explains it), They still don't really know that I am which is a part-time nudist, so unless I get caught I don't think I will do the fridge run, but I will try to get my female friend to moon them with me. Also talk to me about how far I should run/walk away from the place as I am a country kid.

ON MY WORST DAY! hahaha<br />
<br />
read one of the stories i already posted: "dare gone wrong"<br />
<br />
i can do way better, if you're interested?

i don't need a dare, i am a hedonistic nudist, i've been naked at so many public places with lots of crowd sometimes even with hard on

I had similar fun antics in my younger days, but I was in my 20'. So I applaud you for being 17, more courageous considering the highschool scene. :)

NBAS how can I see your blog?<br />
<br />
Thx<br />
<br />
Nu Une

Great story, Sounds like a lot of fun :P

Bold perhaps, but I wasn't then, nor am I now, impressive.

Hmmm, impressive =)

Back when I was in H.S. in a small town on the Ohio River, a couple of us decided to streak the Dairy Queen where everyone hung out. One of our school's best female athletes decided to join us, but chickened out when it came to taking her panties off. We ran, nude, in broad daylight.


I have done something like this and even have a story about it.

I'm 21 now haha. But yes, yes it does. That also wasn't the first time I snuck out naked, just the first time I snuck out naked and ran a total of 3 miles.