In The Spirit Of It All...

It wasn't a dare, just a wild thought of my own.

Years ago I lived on a small ranch that bordered a 400 acre state forest; circling part of the state land was a narrow laned dirt bike track. I used to run that track, about 2 miles or so, 3 or 4 times a week in good weather.

A couple times I barely evaded notice (for you pretty girls it might be one thing, but a naked guy running?) by jumping off into the trees till bikes or other walkers passed. After that I carried my shorts with me for a quicker bailout!

I was thinking about that this evening, and how wild it made me I went for a walk, sans clothing.

The neighbors were about on each side; lights were on and I heard doors opening. By then I was committed, too far in the yard to have any better chance of not being seen; and so, continued. There was a lot of activity in the school parking lot behind our house, and had I struck out right at dusk when I originally thought of it there'd have been a much greater chance of being...admired. The exposure was almost as great as it was. It's not a dark night tonight; my body clashes distinctly against snow covered ground, and tall lights restraining the night at the school and partially flooding the ball diamond and the path I stood on.

I sauntered down the trail, the cold night air for pants and a smile for a shirt. My boots seemed much loader than normal on the frozen snow, and I wondered if it would bring the closest neighbors out...but it didn't.

The winter chill kept me from enjoying a very long walk, and of course, I wouldn't have won any endowment contests out there!

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Mar 8, 2010