I Really Do!

I know... to have new experiences, I have to get out into the world more. I do suffer from an anxiety disorder... so, that's a little tough for me, right now. But I am working on it! ;-)

Most that I write about here are things of my past... and just a few current ones. It would be nice to write 30 or more stories of all current experiences, though. One day soon, I am hoping. But most of my experiences now are nothing much to write about... though, I do try. But... how many stories can one write about on the topic of new video games bought... or silly family members or people electrocuting themselves while trying to fix the wires in my house? lol. Though, the electrocution story is kinda interesting!

Don't worry, the guy is okay and laughed about it. XD

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3 Responses Feb 27, 2009

I like you...DD

OK, I mean no disrespect... My intent is to possibly help you in some small way. <br />
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I have a number of problems myself that I am still working on and I am 65. LOL...DD

"...though, I do try."-Shadow28<br />
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You silly you. Research has shown that by just saying --" try" your energy/strength is lessen! Please don't say---"try". OK? Instead say " I will do it!!!" or say "I chose to do nothing." <br />
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You could do a dream journal. Work on a dream journal helps you to learn more about your self. It also opens the door to becoming the "Dream Maker" If you can control your dreams you have a much better chanch of controlling your life!...DD