New Friends

My best friend lives 4 hours away and works all the time now.  She was a stay at home mom and called me almost everyday at work.  We have been best friends for 16 years and I feel like I have lost my safety line.  I could tell her anything.  SO I'm really looking forward to finding new friends that I can share and talk with.
sweetriley sweetriley
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3 Responses May 31, 2007

I'l b ur friend hun....iv bin thru the same thing twice...with a sch friend...after she moved houses n had kids it went silent...n nw at wrk...i made a great friend n i was ther for her in her tym of need but nw has a new man in her lyf n has becom very one sided with me....i finally stopd calling n txtin her as she doesnt reply anymore

my best friend married abroad, though i got married first. Due to distance and lack of time, we hardly talk and all those memories seems to fade away. All my other friends are busy too, im busy in my work too. Sometimes i really need this huge need of a friend to chat with...not my husband

It's really tough when old friends change their lives and your relationship changes. Remember she's your friend and hold on to that and years from now, you'll have something really special. Meantime, go where you think you'll find new people to be your friend. I think friendship takes patience and sacrifice. So .. be patient for now.