Looking For Ms. Right But Not Too Hard.

My last relationship that I hoped would last forever, went down in flames in about a year. Mutual and equal romance? Yeah maybe. But I'd settle for a woman that would just love me for what I am. And not focus on, or criticize me for what I'm not.

The question is: What am I?

tat2doc tat2doc
51-55, M
3 Responses Feb 27, 2009

Don't worry you will find somebody who loves you and your animals.ou are a very special person that is who you are.<br />
Good Luck<br />

Wonderful thoughts. Something we all want, i think.

Hi Tat2doc, You look like a person who has lots of love to offer. You were just unlucky this time and I know you will soon meetup with someone special...maybe someone who loves dogs like you do. Look for someone who shares an interest. They are looking for you too.