I Wish I Knew Why I Hated My Body

I have never been happy with my body from an early. I would call myself ugly. I can't bear to look in a mirror some days. I am slightly over weight but nothing that is a health risk or impossible to get clothes for. Because of my weight I have stretch marks but these stretch marks show no signs of fading. I am not gaining weight, I have been a steady size for the past couple of years. I have always been between a 40 inch waist and a 44 inch waist.

I guess it does not help, that when I was younger I went to karate and worked hard at it, going at least three to four times a week. I guess my body got used to constant exercise that when I had to stop because I developed a knee injury from Karate. When I try to go and do some exercise, I've found I can't do it for long. I think if I had enough encouragement I could probably lose the weight.

It isn't as though I go mad eating either. I don't eat chocolate everyday and if I have crisps, I have probably one to two packets a day, and they low fat ones. I only really eat when I have my meals. I have my finace's dad moan at me nearly all the time, because I don't pig out and have snacks between meals.

I wish I didn't hate my body so much.

Katterific Katterific
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4 Responses Aug 21, 2007

there should a good reason to hate your body....as its the priceless item you and you only own.<br />
<br />
what or which part of your body you do not like....<br />
<br />
write it down and work on it.<br />
<br />
try detoxification to clean your system it will work wonders

Sometimes trying to love your body when you really want it to be different is hard. Maybe part of the answer is just not let it be such a focus in your life? Focus on the other parts of your life that aren't your body, and remember that if your basically healthy and functional then your body is at least working to help you enjoy all the other areas of your life.

Most girls hate at least one part ot the body even really sexy models we have known several My wife is really gorgeous but as hang ups about it. Please accept what you have and enjoy good luck

You should NEVER hate your body.<br />
Most people need inspiration to lose weight,a lot,don't have it.You dont sound that bad,and shouldn't think it.<br />
I hope this helps.