Love Getting Head In The Park!

It is good to finally meet an EP member in the DFW area. Had chatted with her on a couple of occasions. She seems to be quit the adventurous type with her naughty side very evident by what she likes to do. She asked me about the parks I like to go to and though I hadn't been doing anything in a couple of years, we were soon talking about park possibilities. After looking for a prak that was somewhere between both of us, we found a park in Irving that seemed to have some possibilities, and set up a time to meet for a lunch hour. I was able to get there first and parked near the softball field, there were a few other cars around (I wondered if they were there to meet someone too) and I waited. she pulled in about 10 minutes later. As she pulled up I could feel that excitement start between my legs knowing what was about to happen, she got out as did I, she had very full breasts and the blouse she was wearing was perfect for easy access. She was wearing a short skirt as I hoped so i knew it would be easy to slip under that skirt. We then hoped back into her SUV and looking around we talked wondering if it was safe to play here.

I said i think so and reached over to cup her nreast, she let out a small moan, and I told her how nice it felt as I then reached into her blousse, she didn't try to stop me only pushed it more toward me, the sight of that nipple hardening and her milky white breast was too much I leaned over and took it into my mouth and sucked one her, My hands were very eager to explore, and slid to her legs, she responded by just slighltly opening them. I let my hadn slip up under to her panty covered *****, the whole time suckling her breast, thay were very large and I could only get half of them into my mouth. i licked her nipples and sucked them hard, the harder the better it seemed as she let her head fall back and moan. My fingers pulled her panties to the side and were immediately inside her, she was sooooo wet and they slipped into her so easily. I played with her ***** feeling the hardness in my pants....she arched her back and spread her legs letting my fingers penetrate her, sliding into her playing with her **** her breathing got faster, whe was letting me bite her nipples she was getting ready to *** on my fingers they were covered in her thing I know whe **** and and I see her body tense and *******. I pull my fingers from her and they are soaked i lean back and she looks at the bulge in m pants.

she then asks if i am going to take it out, I start to unziip and pull my hardening **** out, she doesn't say anything she just reaches over wraps her hand around it, then she looks around as we see a car drive by and then leans down and lets her hot mouth surround the shaft, she leans down more and I feel the head pushing into the back of her throat. It is always so good to feel that, she pulls up til only the tip is in her mouth and then pushes down on it again, I put my hand on the back of her head, I greab her hair and pull her up again then push her down, the feeling is so hot, I am realizing we have only just met, I have had my fingers inside her pusssy her breastsi n my mouth and now she is sucking my **** like there is no tomorrow. I am bucking my hips making her take it all and deep, i am knowing I am about to *** and she just sucks harder, I feel my **** swell and then it explodes into her mouth. I haven't *** in several days so I feel it filling her mouth as she tries to swallow it all, she is awesome at this, I feel it start to subside as she pulls her mouth off of me and doesn't let a drop spill from her mouth...
We both have to get back to work as I go back to my vehichle she smiles and I know htat the rest of the day will be a great day.
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Awesome story

Nice! l love truck sex! always hot and wild ! i hope you saw her again !

Very hot!

You liked that story did you?

Nice Park!!!!

Might be worth a daytrip! :-)

How far is a daytrip?:)

I'm in Tyler.

Definitely worth a day trip :)

nice story !

HOT Hot story! Thanks ...
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Oh my ******....damn....i just came so hard. Thx for that ;)