The Death Sentence

People just don't understand. This isn't just about you. This isn't just about you making it to a good college. This isn't just about you having a mediocre life, that furnishes a little spending money and some kids that leave as soon as they can support themselves. This is about the country. This is about the future of America.

And this isn't just about Obama. Obama is merely a tool in this silent war, the war between Republicans and Liberals. This war between two factions, which has gone for a long time, has it's tools of war. Obama is tool, as was George Bush, and any other presidents that signify the leader of a political party.

But Republicans have the core values of this country. Liberals don't. I know, neither party is perfect. They can't be. Humans are selfish, self destructive, greedy sh!ts. And Republicans have the ability to be just as selfish. But they try harder. And that's better then simply nothing.

But it's too late anyway.

Why am I even saying the above? What's the point. Americans have made their choices. But I just want to let you know what you've gotten yourselves into.

First, lets get one thing straight. The definition of America is personal freedom. Individualism. You benefit yourself. You don't give what is yours to a greater entity, like the "community." That's not the definition of America.

This has changed.


Help people who you will never see, who you will never care for. Give money to them. Raise taxes, to help the poor, whom everybody talks about, yet you never see.

Why is this a good thing, the greater socialism of America?

And the gradual failure of this country. It's slowly turning into another England, which will go bankrupt, and become a third-world country, in the hundreds of years to come. America was always destined for this failure. Strong enough to defend itself, but not strong enough to set up a proper government. Democracy is bred to fail, just like any other type of governmental structure.

And it's too bad, because we're all too small to do anything about it individually.

Enjoy this semblance of a free country while it lasts.
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The republican party only cares about keeping their own pockets fed. Don't listen to mommy and daddy. Do research

So dead on. Since the beginning of time resistance to change always has followed suit. Yet global entrapment does not work. Never has, Never will. Stop telling me what is good for me and what I should believe and what minorities I should cater to. All the politicians are bought and paid for at our expense. The last time America had any muscle was the combined effort, we as individuals put forth during WW11. The only thing the government has successfully enacted was the federal interstate highway system. Government intervention and the media lead one to think just how naïve and gullible people are. Who won on Dancing with the Stars and ridding someone's bumper in the hammer lane illustrate how ignorant we've become. So worried about ME at any cost. What happen to America? What has happen to numerous empires that have come and gone. Greed and the fantasy that all cultures and the balance of trade[?} can all co-exists. Common sense has been eradicated. And so has this country.

I find your posts interesting. You are quite intelligent but I would refrain from wishing for a revolution. That should be a last resort. I have been a soldier and have seen what fighting entails. I do not wish to see this country awash in blood that will take generations to cleanse- I fear we may end up there but do not wish it so.

I can tell you are 15 from your story and your points, meaning you are not lying about your age but hats off, when I was 15, politics was the last thing in my mind. The fight is really between liberals and conservatives, I am a tea party member and our goal is to elect real honest, conservative candidates for congress and senate. that's the only way to fight back. If a cleaner republican party (cleaned by tea party) get hold of both houses, President will be powerless.

That's probably so.

The problem is, the Republicans don't have control over both houses. And Obama has done quite a lot of circumventing.

I know, Republican may get the senate in 2014 election if we keep working hard on it. But somehow Obama's luck is just doing miracle for his agenda.

It's not doing miracles for the country.

We just have to fight hard. every developed country went down the hand of liberals. We will stop it!

RIGHT!!!! ;)

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I like you - it's unusual to see someone think for themselves these days. I dont necessarily agree with everything you said but I like it.

What clashed? I'd kinda like to see your view. ;)

"Republicans have the core values of this country."
"And the gradual failure of this country. It's slowly turning into another England,"

I dont particularly agree with those statements.

I too am sickened by the partisan politics that goes on in washington. All these polititians are concerned about is what's good for their party (or lining their own pockets) not what's good for the country.

I see, you have good points, and nobody can wholly agree.

I dont think you are looking deeply enough at the picture. What you say I completely agree with but I think the two parties are also just tools of the elite that is truly running the show behind scenes. I read a LOT of off the main stream news and i know many of the dems are just as unhappy about things as the reps are but there is only so much they can do. The elite are coming to an end though and there is a lot of evidence out there saying so if you know where to look and can read between the lines. Big change is on the horizon and change for the much better. The laws to make the change are in place but the announcements have been held off by the elite as they have just been too powerful with too many resources. But again the lightworkers have just anout overcome this obstacle an.d good things should be coming.

I'm hoping for a revolution. I hope that counts as a good thing to you, cause it does in my book.

No I think much better is going to happen. From what I have read and what Obama said in his speech I actually believe he is one of the good guys and is currently just a puppet. You could see the shame in his face at times during the press announcement of his gun control. Same with biden. I don't think they believe in it or want it but at the moment have no choice in the matter. I think that is why the NRA felt blown off by biden because he couldn't face them without giving away his real feelings. And many of the things Obama said in his speech were very enlightening when you consider a couple of things. One is many of the things he said were hinting at a NESARA announcement because it mentioned many of the things that NESARA would do. Also his speech had a lot to do with Lincoln. From what i have read Lincoln may have been assassinated because at the time he had declared martial law. With the southern states out of congress there werent enough votes to get anything done so he had to declare martial law. He wrote the very first executive order of any president. He also didn't get to put the union back together properly and give government back to the people. Technicaly we were still under martial law when he was killed and it was never removed. The United States were brought back together as a corporaton with each state a federal franchise. Lincoln was killed because he didn't want this. Our current government started with Lincoln being killed and now it is in its downfall. If Obama is able to announce NESARA which Clinton signed then be will be able to give the country back to the people that was taken away with Lincoln's assassination.

WHOA!!!! Obama is in on this horse shite?

My mind is blown all of a sudden. This makes sense.

It is my personal interpretation from what I have read that though you see one thing on the surface with him because he is doing what he is told, behind scenes that we dont see he is working to bring about a huge change for the better. It should also be noted that Obama wrote his own speech not a speech writer. So I think that has its own implications of a hidden message. He is also a 33rd degree mason. The Bushes not being there is significant because i have read in more than one place they are terribly unhappy with Obama right now.

So i think the bullshit between the parties is just confusion to keep us away from the truth. The shootings in colorado and sandy hook. Both to stir up the gun debate and cause more distraction. The government clearly has the resources to keep the info from coming out that it was staged so why did sit come out? The media is controlled so when "they" denounced the leaked the stuff unless we see through the media, now off the main stream becomes discredited more and anyone not trusting of what the government says becomes the enemy. I don't think Obama has any part of that **** other than doing what he is told so he can get the important stuff done. Plus a NESARA announcement would reverse everything he is forced to do now.

So what the hell do you think is happening? What's being covered up?

NESARA is being suppressed under Supreme Court Gag Order. The Elite and the Banking System is controlling us and everything behind scenes.

What exactly is the "Elite?"

The people with all the money and power that want to control the world. That one percent that has everything and can do anything they want. The people that want to force id chips on us so they can ultimately track your every location. Those people.

Something else that occurred to me a few minutes ago. With all of the Lincoln reference in his speech. Lincoln was the one that freed the slaves. We are slaves to financial tyranny and the elite. He would be in essense "freeing" us from that with NESARA

That's the government, mostly. You've got some good ideas. I like them. Do you have any idea on what's going to happen? Assassination? Uprising?

I have no inside information of any type and I sure DON'T know anything about assassination. As far as I know it will be a pretty peaceful transition once NESARA is announced. Most of congress will have to step down because lawyers are not allowed to have government positions. A new banking system is going to come out based upon prosperity and not debt. It will be the true golden age we have been hearing about.

Well, I have never heard of the NESARA. I looked it up. Why would Obama want to do this?

I mean, what's in it for him? He's already got thru lots of his agendas. is a disinformation sight. Why would he do it? Because the world is waking up to the negative bullshit of the few. The world is also about to go through a spiritual upliftment whether the elite like it or not. It's going to ultimately happen as a part of our next spiritual evolvement as human beings.

You wont find any real info about it on the net because the supreme court has currently put a gag order on the law. No one will talk about the true or news relating to that is really in the know for fear of very serious consequences. Also a lot of suppressed technology will be released with NESARA.

How do you know all this?

little bits and pieces have been leaked by people who were not bound by the gag order. I have been looking around the internet for a long while and you just pick up little things here and there. Each one by themselves doesn't really mean much of anything but as you start putting all the pieces together you get an idea of the bigger picture. but it is all my interpretation of what I have been seeing. I could be completely wrong but i dont think so.

Wow, the "elite" and government put a "gag order" on the NESARA? That's just crazy. Thanks for your input. I'll be waiting. :D

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Look at historical trends in divide between rich and poor, tax rates, and social programs. The US is -less- socialist than its been since the 1920s. Even Obama's health care plan explicitly benefits big business.

While people panic about socialism, the rich are richer than they've been in a hundred years. America is heading for a dark place, but it ain't socialism. It's the opposite.

I wish.

Seriously here - what is your measure of socialism? I -am- a socialist and I don't see the US going in any direction I like. Why would you say it's becoming socialist when you don't want it, and when I do want socialism I say the opposite?

I'll tell you why.

Obama is giving huge amounts of taxpayers money to poor, badly off, people. I see that as socialism.