Pink Handcuffs

I was reading tonight about a Sheriff in a county in Georgia that is painting his jail in all Pepto Bismol pink.  That really didn't interest me but they had some really cool jumpsuits in the same color and some awesome looking handcuffs in that same color. I wonder if I could get one of those jumpsuits and some handcuffs please. I promise not to use them for evil.   For those of you interested I have included the article below.

    By  Stephanie Springer  

ALBANY, GA (WALB) –The Ben Hill County jail is getting a new look and most inmates won't be thrilled.

The Sheriff is painting the entire jail bright pink.

It may look like a pre-teen girl's bedroom but it isn't.

"It's the new home for inmates in the Ben Hill county detention center," said Sheriff Bobby McLemore.

And it has a whole new, more feminine look.

"The whole world is about to go green. Well here at the Ben Hill county Sheriffs Office the whole jail is about to go pink," said Martin Hough, jail administrator.

Pure Pepto Bismol Pink will cover every wall inside the jail.

"We are also going to have pink shower shoes, pink wash clothes, pink towels, pink sheets and pink blankets," said Hough.

But why so much pink? The Sheriff says there are plenty of reasons.

"Our goal here is not to just have a calming effect on all of the inmates but to make them not want to come back to the Ben Hill County Jail," said the Sheriff.

Its been six years since the jail was painted so most cells are overloaded with graffiti.

Also it can help keep the inmates behind bars. Just months ago two inmates escaped from the jail wearing orange jumpsuits.

"If you see a bright pink jumpsuit you know we got an inmate on the lose," said the Sheriff.

And the girls? They get bright lime green.

The sheriff is taking his pink décor very seriously, all the way down to bright pink handcuffs.

"This is our decor and if they don't like our decor then they don't have to come back to our jail," said the Sheriff.

Officials are hoping the new colors work wonders on the inmates.

"They really need soothing in jails they are extremely difficult to manage in county jails," said Hough.

They are hoping to have everything pink within the next month.

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Oh yes, I found them on e-bay. There is a picture of them on the avatar.

I have pink handcuffs...haha

Oh yes but the handcuffs were beautiful.