They're So Cute!

We're rehearsing for a musical we're doing for college on saturday and today we went and performed 20mins of it to a load of little school kids. They were about 4 yrs old and all so beautifully behaved - better than we ever are at college! They were so adorable, giggling at the wrong times (like when two of the characters kissed!) and one of the boys in the front row was sat there the entire time with his hands over his ears! Seeing them all has made me really broody and I want a baby now! I'd never have one now (im only 21 and want a career 1st) but I always get that way when little kids are around and I can't wait to have a great big family of my own to look after. It's sad I know and old fashioned but I don't think my life will be complete unless I have children. I can't wait!

laurabkora laurabkora
18-21, F
Mar 24, 2009