Too Many...

I went through my shoes yesterday and I am ashamed to admit that I still have shoes in my closets, and yes I did say CLOSETS not CLOSET, that have never been worn.  I love red shoes in particular and have many pairs of them, mostly in heels.  I boxed up over 100 pairs of shoes to take to one of the non profit charities for their thrift shop.  So are you wondering how many are left?  Well embarrassingly I admit that I still have over 250 pairs of shoes.  I didn't buy all of my shoes because my friends know I love them and buy me shoes for special occasions.  I guess I may go through them and give more to charity, but for now I LOVE ALL MY SHOES!!!



I think one reason that I have so many shoes is that there was a point in time that I was so large that I couldn't wear clothes off the rack of any store, even lane Bryant clothes were too small.  Most of the time I had to have my clothes made and they were expensive.  I couldn't buy all the beautiful clothes, but I could buy all the beautiful shoes so I had lots of shoes that I would have suits made to match the shoes.  Just a little background on why. 

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Not as many as I would like to have!...I have only 2 pairs!

I don't want to spend the time to count all my shoes, but I think you have more than I do. I have a lot, though, and like you, I love red shoes. (Maybe we should start a Red Shoe Diary, heehee.) When I went to Italy I went berserk in the shoe stores. Those glorious, glorious shoes, oh my! Like nothing I've seen at home. And Spain, too. And when I went to Reno and won some money, I went to a shop and bought a really pricey pair of beautiful stilettos in gold leather, tiny metal "sequins" and gold ties. I called them my "hooker shoes", and wore them until they were beyond repair. But I've still got them! Red, blue, yellow, green, gold, silver, rhinestones, heels, wedgies, mules, sandals, flats, honey I've got 'em all. I've also got a gold charm of a high-heeled shoe. Can't imagine why my husband gave it to me.....

Must admit Fg that is a lot of shoes ...... wont ask about<br />
the jackets then.....<br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
from the proud owner of 32 pairs of jeans !!!

I love my shoes to. I have a closet just for my shoes. lol x

LMAO 95!!!! Shame on you for asking MT! hehe.<br />
<br />
Josie, Girlfriend we are most certainly taking you shopping. We cannot have this.

Guess your lucky. Very lucky. Mostly heels too ... divine.<br><br />
<br><br />
i have two. Both are Rockports (Chapel Hill and Isleford Fondente). Works for me.

I'm down to earth I have 2 pair for going out 1 pair for work, 1 pair for working out side, 2 dress pair.<br />
<br />
Now my wife that is a different story. She has a lot of shoes for her different clothes that she wears, I just got her to wear healed shoes when she goes to town. I got to figure out how to organize her shoes.<br />
<br />
So FG how many Laptop bags do you own???? You brought it up. ;-)

BB, I will hold you to that. MMM I love shoes and laptop bags! Those are my things and they have to match whatever outfit I am wearing. We aon't talk of how many laptop bags I have! LOL<br />
<br />
Swan, We will have to shop together as I would enjoy it.<br />
<br />
Rog, Aww darling we will fix that.

Oh god I use to own a lot of shoes at one point. I love shoes, but I have downsized. I may have 12 pairs now, but if I had the money I would definitely have more.