When Religion Gets Too Complicated Sh..it Happens!!!!

"If tomorrow we were to wake up and learn that the night had brought forth a new, vital religion so universally acceptable to humanity that all religious disagreement had utterly vanished from the world, this would be accounted one of the greatest miracles in history and the very greatest miracle in the history of our spiritual development.
"Well, there once was such a religion on this planet. Everyone is more or less aware of this fact, but no one--no one at all--has ever suggested that this was miraculous or even remarkable. No one has ever suggested that this universal religion might have even the slightest claim to validity. Needless to say, this was not one of our religions. It was (and is) the religion of the Leavers, and for this reason it is judged not to count as a religion at all, is judged to be merely a prereligion, a crude evolutionary stage that people had to pass through in order to arrive at the enlightened and advanced religions that evoke such murderous fervor among the Takers." -Daniel Quinn, Providence
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Sep 26, 2012