Why Have Religion?

The Seven Purposes Of Religion:

1) Guidance in the Daily and Society lives of individuals.

2) Societal Binding of certain segments of society.

3) Understanding of purpose.

4) Comfort

5) Communication/connection with a higher power - for reason.

6) External control

7) Purpose of discussion.

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6 Responses Jun 26, 2009

I actually appreciate the pragmatic approach, being an atheist. Even so, item #6 seems categorically different, encompassing all the others. Perhaps it's because I grew up in Christian society. Psychologically speaking, I think it has served Christianity immensely to shroud its revolutionary impetus in metephor and keep its justifications for violence behind the curtain of the Old Testament. One's imagination is then free to supply the practical elaboration needed to make Christ's principles of justice applicable to modern life.<br /><br />I would not go so far as to assert that this was a conscious approach on the part of its founders.

What about as an attempt to explain what science cannot at that time? (The Dark Ages for example.)

Communication with a higher power (number 5) can be defined as God.<br />
<br />

Mentioning god here would be limiting. It would exculde those religions which have more than one god or no god.

LOL good point whowas' sometimes God gets missed in religion. I think he would rather have a relationship rather then rules anyway<br />
these 7 goals for a group are a great premise though. They would work really well in a church or a pub.

These strike me as sound principles for an organised and relatively harmonious society. I notice god doesn't get a mention. (Not complaining, just commenting.)