My Neighbor Impregnated My Wife

After a year of sharing our fantisies while ******* my wife, I confessed to my wife that I would like to watch her getting ****** by another man, and she confessed to me that she would like to get ****** by a man with a huge ****.

The big thing was that it had to be someone that we knew and trusted, like a close friend.

But we didn't want any gossip going on among our friends so we knew it would never happen.

But then I got the idea, it was so simple, I told my wife that she should just pick any one of our married male friends that she wanted and seduce him.

I figured that he would have to keep his mouth shut for fear of me or his wife finding out.

My wife surprised me when she said that she already knew who she was going to seduce, she said that our next door neighbor Alice once complained that her husbands **** was too much to take.

I have seen Jack her husband in a speedo and he did have a huge bulge.

What surprised me even more was that it took her only one phone call to have him hurrying over to our house.

All my wife had to do was tell him that I wasn't home and that she was horny..... Yes it was that easy !!!!

I hid in the closet and waited, in less than five minutes after he got to our house the two of them were walking down the hall.

I peeked through the crack and watched as they undressed, I had to put my hand over my mouth to muffle my groan when I saw his **** spring out of his boxers, it was huge!!!

My **** is only 5 inches when hard, his was more than 2 inches longer, twice as fat, and it wasn't even hard yet.

My wife dropped to her knees and started giving him a blow job and his **** swelled even fatter and seemed to grow another inch longer.

She then jumped on the bed and spred her legs wide open, and told him she need his **** inside her.

Jack climbed onto the bed, his huge **** was swaying back and forth as he move himself between her legs.

He dragged the head of his **** up and down through her ***** lips to wet it up and then he started pushing it inside her.

Suddenly I realized that my wife and I forgot to discuss one other thing, CONTRACEPTION !!.

She wasn't on the pill and Jack wasn't wearing a condom.

As much as this worried me it wasn't enough for me jump out of the closet and stop them.

I just stood there watching my wife being slowly impaled by my neighbors bare 8 inch ****.

They ****** for about 20 minutes and then without warning Jack thrust his **** as deep as it would go inside my wife and then grunted as he started cuming.

My wife cried out with pleasure as she felt him cuming inside her.

As soon as he finished he quickly jumped off the bed and started dressing as he appologized for having to leave so soon but he had to get back home fast so his wife wouldn't start wondering what was going on.

As soon as he was out the door I hurried out of the closet and onto the bed, I put my face between my wifes thighs and started licking my first ******** from another man.

I have eaten my own ******** in the past, but Jack's ******** tasted so much different.

This is what started all of our fun, Over the past two years I've gotten to watch my wife getting ****** by my neighbor at least a hundred times with that huge **** of his.

I have watched my neighbor *** inside her unprotected ***** at least a hundred times, and even though I thought that I was always sucking out all of his *** from her *****, I guess I didn't get it all because she is now two months pregnant.
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In my late teen and early 20 I was luck to spill my seed in a few married women. I got turned on by sliding between another mans wife, feeling her softness while my seed spilled into her womb. Wonder just how many kids born are from men other than the husband.

Your a lucky man wish my wife would **** another man

Please continue to keep us up to date.

luckey dude i wish i could do this but in pakistan it is hard to do

That's so hot! My hubby loves to watch another man *** in me and wishes we didn't have my tubes tied because he wants me to have another man's baby but it's too expensive to have the procedure reversed. But at least we have fun trying lol.

hot story and i agree with ivo13 that your wife loves jacks big ****, i also agree with forcefull79 that the child is not yours, its great knowing that your wife's pregnant by another man, i know for a fact.............. please let us know how things are going